BIO Cleaners Noble Lashes

BIO Cleaners Noble Lashes

BIO Lash Cleanser With Rose

Noble Lashes is proud to present our Lash BIO cleaners, part of our BIO line of products. Our BIO cleaners are natural solutions used by professionals to degrease and cleanse eyelashes and eyebrows before treatments. Our BIO range of cleaners come in three variations suitable for both eyelashes and eyebrows.

We have two Lash BIO cleaners available with rose or rosemary extracts, and our Brow BIO cleaner which also comes with rosemary extract.

Cleaners are a crucial part of the process of eyelash applications and eyebrow care. By cleansing and degreasing the surface of the hairs you can ensure you are starting with a perfect base. Clients will be seriously impressed by your attention to detail and the efficiency of your work. Our Lash and Brow BIO cleaners are best used alongside the other cleaning products in the BIO line, as the last step in your cleansing routine. The BIO cleaners are specifically designed to pick up any debris that has been otherwise left behind. They also provide a final high level of nourishment and care to your client’s skin, brow and lash hairs prior to treatment.

At Noble Lashes we are committed to using only the best and most natural ingredients in our formulas, taking self-care and luxury to another level - your clients are sure to notice a difference when they experience our BIO cleaners! Not only have we ensured that these products achieve high and consistent results, but we have designed them to be super gentle and nourishing on your clients’ skin, lashes, and brows.

Natural Ingredients that are Friendly to Lash and Skin

Our BIO Cleaners boast the highest quality ingredients that are specifically selected to nurture your clients’ lashes, helping you to stand out from the rest and keep them coming back for more!

For example, our Lash and Brow BIO Cleaners contain over 99% natural ingredients, alongside extracts of rose or rosemary, both known for centuries to possess unique properties and working wonders for skin, brows, and lashes. Rosemary extract, an anti-inflammatory full of antioxidants, can reduce swelling and puffiness. Rose extract is a gentle antiseptic and astringent containing flavonoids and vitamin C. It is perfect for helping to prevent redness and blemishes. Both of these extracts also soothe and heal the skin around the brows and the lashes, leaving your clients happy and nourished.

These ingredients are a testament to Noble Lashes’ dedication to providing eco-friendly products, and environmental protection throughout the lash and beauty industry.

A Professional’s Go-To

Not only are these products safe to use and gentle on the skin, but they are also specifically designed to clean, and free lash and brow hairs of any grease. Only by doing so will any treatments that you do will be fully effective. Great news for your client – their eyelash extensions will stay attached for an extended period of time! The best way to ensure a returning client is to provide the best possible treatment alongside products that pamper them. We want your clients to leave your studio feeling beautiful and nourished.

The Lash BIO Cleaners are purposely created to heal and strengthen lashes. These versatile formulas are incredibly helpful to a technician as they help to cover a large range of clients and their needs. From the clients with naturally thick and healthy lashes to the clients with broken or damaged lashes, they can all rest knowing that you are using the best possible natural products. Our range will stimulate their lashes to heal and grow beneath their extensions with continued use, so there is no need to sacrifice an ounce of style.

The Brow BIO cleaners are specifically formulated for eyebrows and brow hairs. A lot of the time, brow hairs are neglected and can be damaged during poor or unprofessional treatments. This serum can help to control that possibility during cleansing. Not only does a clean brow make for a better base to treat - it, in turn, ensures that the quality of your treatment increases with your client.

Our formulas speak for themselves! The natural ingredients we use to provide an unusual combination of pure luxury and affordability, so the Brow and Lash BIO cleaners are truly unique in the market. Soothing, healing, and stimulating brow and lash growth - bringing luxury into your treatment sessions and keeping happy clients returning for more!

Noble Lashes - The Professionals Choice

All of the Noble Lashes BIO range is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and made in Poland. We know that global issues are increasingly important in modern society and we are committed to helping improve the environment. Noble Lashes is always striving to set the bar on the industry standard and we hope our BIO range will go a way towards doing so.

Here at Noble Lashes, we are guided by using high-quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. As one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Europe, we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products. This product comes from the Polish Premium Quality series: quality guaranteed.


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