Eyebrow tint supplies


While false eyelashes and makeup are easy to use and can spice up your appearance relatively quickly when in need, they do take a considerable amount of time when used every day. Women are often tired of having to apply makeup in the morning only to have to wash it all down in the evening. Permanent makeup and microblading are great alternatives if you’re looking for a more lasting solution that you won’t have to re-apply every day. Microblading can offer clients gorgeous effects with just a single visit to the beauty salon. At Noble Lashes, stylists and beauticians can find all the supplies required for microblading, including mascara wands, pigment rings, applicators, microblading pens, and more!

What is microblading?

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique that is gaining more and more popularity every year. It is a great solution for women who have irregular eyebrows that are too thin. Instead of having to cover them with makeup and regulate them every day, microblading gives them a semi-permanent solution that enhances their looks without much work. Microblading is often compared to henna. However, microblading offers much longer-lasting results, allowing women to enjoy gorgeous makeup without having to repeat the treatments every couple of weeks.

During the treatment, a stylist uses a microblading blade to make tiny incisions on the skin, right underneath the eyebrows. Along with the incision, a small amount of pigment is injected underneath the skin, very similar to the way tattoos are done, but in a much safer and non-permanent manner. While the effects of a microblading treatment can last as long as eighteen months, they eventually do fade away. If you are looking for a way to introduce eyebrow microblading in your beauty salon, Noble Lashes can offer a wide arrangement of tools and accessories dedicated to microblading.

Who can enjoy microblading?

Microblading is a safe and sanitary treatment that every woman can enjoy. However, there are still some health contraindications that may prevent your clients from receiving a microblading treatment. Long-term skin diseases should be considered as contraindications for microblading, as in such cases the treatment can lead to further health issues. Diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis are common contraindications for the procedure. Moreover, clients suffering from skin infections are suggested not to have the treatment done on them.

Pregnant women should consider non-invasive treatments rather than microblading, as it can lead to unwanted side-effects. Furthermore, clients suffering from HIV or hepatitis B and hepatitis C are highly advised to avoid the treatment. When performing microblading treatments on your clients, always make sure to conduct a medical interview first. At Noble Lashes, you can find in-depth microblading pamphlets that provide information about the treatment as well as any potential health contraindications. To keep your clients safe, always educate them about microblading before the treatment.

Who can perform microblading?

Since microblading is an invasive treatment that pierces the skin of the client during the procedure, only certified professionals are allowed to perform microblading on others. In order to introduce microblading in your beauty salon, you will need to pass a preparatory course. During the course, you will learn everything there is to know about microblading. Knowledge and skill are very important when it comes to microblading, as even the smallest mistake can leave a long-lasting mark on your client. 

Noble Lashes provides professional training courses that will help you understand how to perform the microblading treatment. During the course, you will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the treatment to your clients. Our staff of expert stylists and cosmeticians will guide you through the microblading treatment, teaching you how to properly perform it. Our courses feature two parts: the theoretical part and the practical part, during which your knowledge and skills will be put to the test. 

More than just microblading

At Noble Lashes, we offer supplies and tools for stylists, beauticians, and cosmeticians. Among our supplies, you will find a large variety of microblading tools and accessories, including removable inserts to the pigment mixer, informational pamphlets, pigment cups of various sizes, professional callipers, semi-permanent pencils in a variety of colours, as well as brow cleaners made with natural ingredients. We also offer anaesthetic pads, protective sleeves, pigment rings, as well as training heads that you can practice on before moving on to real clients.

Apart from microblading accessories, you will find a variety of other supplies at Noble Lashes. We design and manufacture our own professional eyelash extensions, made out of the highest quality synthetic materials. We offer traditional 1:1 eyelash extensions, as well as extensions designed for volume methods of application, such as Russian Volume. Our eyelash extensions are available in handy cassettes with rows of mixed-length extensions, as well as in bulk.


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