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SN Lift Set with Lash Filling PRO

Product code: ZESTAW_SNFILL

Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking eyes with longer, thicker lashes.

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Product description

The SN lift set by Noble Lashes is the ideal set to give you the tools for a complete perm procedure. This is a treatment that enhances and shapes straight, natural eyelashes into beautiful and healthy lashes.

Eyelash Perm

The SN Lift Set is a simple treatment that enhances the natural lashes of a client. Rather than apply artificial eyelash extensions to the eyelid, the SN Lift set is designed to only target what the client already has, their own natural eyelashes. This is an eyelash perm that makes the eyelashes appear healthier and gives them a natural curl. The procedure will curl and set natural lashes with a beautiful shape.

The treatment should only be performed by a qualified stylist, and should take around an hour to complete, leaving your client with beautifully curled lashes that will last about six weeks - as the procedure is semi-permanent. Clients will be thrilled to find they no longer need the annoying morning routines of curling and mascara, and can simply skip the steps, happy in the knowledge that their lashes are already looking great.

The SN lift set is an incredible alternative to offer any clients that are unsure about getting eyelash extensions, or to those who have tried them and did not like them. Afterall, eyelash extensions are not for everyone, some people hate the feel of them on their lids and some are allergic to the glue! Some simply find them a little too pricey, so it’s great to have alternative options for your clients to choose from. This innovative treatment will help usher your salon into the next level of client treatments.

SN Lift Set - The Professionals Choice

Nourishing lotion, perm lotion, setting lotion, keratin lift adhesive, five pairs of silicone pads and an eyelash comb are included in the Noble Lashes SN lift set to equip stylists with everything they will need to provide this treatment in their salons.

This set also comes with the option to purchase replacement sachets and bottles of all of the lotions, replacement tubes of adhesives and replacement packs of pads. Ideal for the stylist who is running low on certain supplies but does not want to spend on an entire new set, or to tailor their own orders to suit their needs.

Noble Lashes are proud to uphold a strong reputation across Poland and Europe. As industry experts, we know it's the quality of our products that helps keep us there, and also our dedication to stylists. We are committed to always providing the best service to our customers and to bringing some of the best products to our shelves.

Eyelash lift SN Lift provides permanent eyelash lift and curl. Are you looking for a natural effect that will make the eyelashes look longer? Try this product!  The most fashionable treatment of this year!


1. Clean the skin surrounding eyes and remove the dirt by protein remover pad.
2. Use eye patch to protect lower lashes.
3. Apply a thin layer of LLA on the eyelid.
4. Closely paste Silicone on the eyelid along the root of upper lashes. If Silicone is too large, you can trim it to a suitable size to fit on the eyelid.
5. Once Silicone firmly adheres on the eyelid, apply a slight amount of LLA on the surface of Silicone, then use Y Brush to comb lashes adhering every single eyelash evenly on Silicone one after another (Be sure each lash is separated from another.)
6. Apply suitable amount of Perm Lotion to the lashes by microbrush or cotton bud. Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes (Depending on the length and thickness of lashes. Thicker lashes might need longer time.) Remove Perm Lotion carefully from the lashes and Silicone by a cotton bud or cotton puffs.
7. Apply suitable amount of Setting Lotion to lashes by microbrush. Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes (Depending on the length and thickness of lashes. Thicker lashes might need longer time.) Remove Setting Lotion carefully from lashes and silicone by a cotton bud or cotton puffs.
8. Apply suitable amount of Nourishing Agent to lashes by microbrush. Wait for approximately 3-5 minutes.
9. To remove silicone from the eyelids, we recommend to use #3 Nourishing Agent It helps soften LLA and clean all the remaining solutions. Silicone can be easily removed.
10. Repeat above procedures for lower eyelashes. 11. Leave 24 hours before makeup and avoid the water or steam.


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