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Russian Volume Premium MINI Lashes


Russian Volume premium MINI eyelashes were created with a view to perfect finishing of the application.

5,55 €
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Fast order fulfillment
Fast order fulfillment
Express International delivery
Express International delivery
14 days for a return
14 days for a return

Product description

This revolutionary take on the standard Russian Volume lashes will allow you to achieve absolutely stunning results. These beautiful eyelash extensions were created with a thinner base, which makes the stylist’s work so much easier during the treatment. Due to their unique shape and size, the lashes can be bundled into fans with ease, shortening your work and making it much more enjoyable. Russian Volume Premium MINI Lashes are the pinnacle of comfort, both for the beautician and for the client!

Russian Volume Premium MINI Lashes are very lightweight, weighing almost nothing, which makes them comfortable to wear in all situations, whether your client needs to spruce up their eyelashes for a specific occasion, or wants to wear them every day to achieve a stylish and subtle look. Noble Lashes offers a solution that is both gorgeous to look at and does not tire your eyes, with a touch of luxury and revolutionary softness - all packed into a handy mini palette, perfect for door-to-door beauticians.

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Customize your purchase with ease!

Here at Noble Lashes, we understand the differences between each and every client. Every woman has a unique shape, length, and thickness of their natural eyelashes, as well as different skin tone and hair colour. To complement those features in a seamless fashion, we have introduced a handy online tool that allows you to choose exactly the type of lashes you want, out of many variants available. You can specify the desired curl type, as well as thickness.

For our Russian Volume Premium MINI Lashes, we offer three types of curls - the C curl, the C+ curl, and the D curl. The C curl provides your clients with the most natural look and works perfectly for more casual stylisations, not looking too extravagant for day-to-day issues. The C+ curl offers slightly more curve than the regular C type, adding a bit flair, but still retaining the natural vibe. Finally, the D curl is the most popular and most fabulous of available types, providing a much more defined curve.

Russian Volume - glamour made easy

If you have had no opportunity to work with Russian Volume type eyelash extensions, there is a whole new world to discover. Historically, Russian Volume lashes were often considered unhealthy, as the method created fans of many heavy lashes, putting a lot of strain on the natural eyelashes. However, due to technological advances, Noble Lashes was able to create extensions that are shiny, soft, and very lightweight - not tiring the eyes even with lots of them bundled together!

Noble Lashes offers the highest quality of eyelash extensions. We have put time and care into making sure that our products meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients, combining a light construction with unmatched glamour. Moreover, the lashes we offer are delivered in a comfortable palette, with lashes of various sizes, ranging from 5 to 16. The eco-friendly packaging is made entirely out of paper, and the strips of lashes are held together with a delicate adhesive that makes taking them out easy.

Number of Stripes 6
Curl C, D
Thickness 0,05; 0,07; 0,10
Lenghts 5,6,7,14,15,16
Packaging Paper
Material Synthetic
Clean-peel technology YES


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