TOP 10 Noble Lashes products

TOP 10 Noble Lashes products

10 - 11 - 2021

Noble Lashes have dedicated our time and effort to catering for eyelash stylists for a decade. During this time, we have built a commendable reputation across Europe. We offer a vast variety of cosmetic equipment and formulas that have been delicately designed particularly to assist in the treatment’s services offered by eyelash stylists and most of our products are used by stylists all over the continent.

We have products to cover every step of the eyelash treatment processes, from begin to end, and additives (before and after)! Therefore, we acknowledge that the most important steps require different levels of pertinence when designing tools for them. We have geared in almost equal effort in all our products.

However, based on popular demand we have set out to discuss ten products from our best sellers as our top 10 products, they are:

1. Glue Noble 3 ml for eyelashes

Description - Noble Lashes’ Glue Noble dries out within a second after application and is not ideal for use with novices. Since this is a strong and fast acting glue, it is not recommended for use on clients with sensitive eyes. The Noble Lashes adhesives span a large range of different glues and experts should ensure that they have all the required adhesives and use the required one all the time. Also, the usually have specialized application methods stated on the manuals already.

2. Glue Green 3 ml for eyelashes

Description - Glue Green is one of Noble Lashes’ Bestsellers! This glue dries very quickly (within 1-2 seconds) and is designed to hold lashes between 8-10 weeks. The glue is usually black in colour to rhyme with the lashes and is recommended for use by professionals due to its quick drying. The popularity of the Glue Green loudly testifies the ambition behind its incredible formula. Noble Lashes glues are designed to be used in tandem with the Noble Lashes cleanser range and the Noble Lashes Primers to ensure maximum adhesion.

3. Eye patches (eye pads) with aloe extract

Description - A hypoallergenic hydrating and intensifying elasticity eye sheet soaked with collagen essence made of natural fibber and botanicals. Hydrate and intensify elasticity of skin around eyes. Brighten and care darkened eyes with essence containing collagen and vitamins. Tighten skin around eyes by intensifying sheets made of special natural fibber.

4. Foam Container 30 ml for Lash Shampoo

Description - A professional foam container. The new Noble Lashes product will allow you to create your own eyelash shampoo for your client. The applicator in which the foaming container is equipped makes it easier to apply the shampoo on the client's eyelashes. Ensure the comfort and high quality of services. Choose a Noble Lashes container! The container is transparent and decorated with golden elements. The capacity of the container is 30ml.

5. Lash and brow shampoo Pure Lash & Brow by Noble Lashes

Description - Professional eyelash shampoo Pure Lash & Brow in a sachet. The gel eyelash shampoo has a delicate formula that perfectly nourishes eyelashes and stimulates their growth.

6. Professional dyeing thread by Noble Lashes

Description - Professional eyebrow thread by Noble Lashes Professional Noble Lashes thread for the determination of eyebrow arches. The product was created for eyebrow stylists. The dye is non-sensitizing and is very gentle on the skin. Thanks to the innovative thread, you can easily determine the desired shape of the client's eyebrows. The thread was soaked in a black, natural dye that is soluble in water. The thread dye is black, the total length is 10 meters.

7. Glue Divine 3 ml for eyelashes

Description - Noble Lashes Glue Divine is one of our fastest drying glues, with a drying time of 1 second. As this glue is strong and extremely fast acting it is not recommended for use on clients with sensitive eyes.

8. Medical tape

Description - This tape is a compulsory multifunctional cosmetic tool for the eyelash extensions due its versatility. This hypoallergenic medical tape can be used to keep the bottom lashes from sticking to the top lashes.

9. Fall into The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit

Description - Produced by Noble Lashes, Fall in The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit is a professional solution for stylists and beauticians who are looking to get into eyelash lifting. The kit contains all the necessary supplies required to provide eyelash lifting to clients.

Using the Fall in The Volume set, you will be able to provide your clients with gorgeous makeovers, easily framing their eyes and making their eyes pop out with long eyelashes full of volume. Eyelash lifting makes for a great replacement for traditional eyelash extensions when applied by a professional stylist.

10. White Micro brush swabs Applicators Eyelashes

Description - The tip of the Micro brush is a non-linting and non-absorbent fibber, eliminating drips, spills, or waste. Designed for precise applications. Brushes are ideal for applying lash primer, lash cleaner or glue remover lash by lash.

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