About our instructors

Karolina Bieńkowska


Karolina began her journey studying logistics, but her passion for eyelash extensions led her to become a successful aesthetician and instructor. Since 2014, she has been working with clients from all around the world at her salon Carolashes, where she also teaches the craft to those willing to learn. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Vienna >>]


Lucyna Bogus


Lucyna is a certified eyelash extension expert, working in the field since 2011. She’s been practicing within the beauty industry since 1999, when she started with nail stylization. Since then, she’s become very passionate about eyelashes and eyelash extensions. [ more: eyelash extension instructor in Bremen >>]


Magdalena Brulińska


in preparation...


Ewa Wośko 

Esslingen, Germany

Ewa’s adventure with eyelashes and Noble Lashes began in 2013. Since then, Ewa has been constantly keeping her skills and knowledge up to international standards, regularly taking part in courses supervised by the industry’s most renowned masters. You can attend her courses individually or in two people groups. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Germany >>]

Iga Drohomirecka


in preparation...

Marzena Gomulec


in preparation...


Joanna Kolbusz


Master of cosmetology and the Medical University of Lodz. She runs her own practice in Dublin while also providing professional courses to stylists in training. The scope of her courses includes cosmetology, eyelash extensions, as well as microblading. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Dublin >>]

Marlena Kowalska

Northern Ireland

Marlena’s journey began in 2012 in Northern Ireland, where she started her work as an aesthetician using the traditional 1:1 method. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Northern Ireland >>]

Dorota Leśniewska

Belgium / Białystok

Dorota graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences at the Bialystok University of Technology. She’s a certified eyelash aesthetician and a stylist since 2012. Starting from 2016, Dorota has been working together with Noble Lashes as a professional instructor. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Belgium >>]


Laura Lindqvist


in preparation...

Ewa Maryś

Sandefjord / Norway

In 2005, Ewa graduated studies in cosmetics in Szczecin. After her studies, she began work at a beauty salon, where she practiced as a general beautician, providing eyebrow reconstruction and other care treatments. She is also familiar with nail art. [more: eyelash extension instructor in Norway >>]

Agnieszka Suchenek


Agnieszka was fascinated by the world of beauty since her early teenage years when she first used mascara. In her hometown of Lodz she gained the title of a beauty technician, gaining more and more craving for knowledge and skill hidden within the beauty industry. [more: eyelash extension instructor in London >>]

Agnieszka Szymańska

Rijswijk / The Netherlands

in preparation...

Emilia Theil


in preparation...

Anja Ahlin


I gained experience by working in beauty salons already during my education, and I became particularly enthusiastic about eyelash extensions, which are still my greatest passion today.  [more: eyelash extension instructor in Slovenia>>]


Klaudia Hermanowicz


in preparation...


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