Care products for eyelashes

Eyelashes after care kit
BIO Lash Cleanser With Rose
10,694,26 €
you save 60%
BIO Brow Cleanser For Henna Treatment With Rosemary
10,694,26 €
you save 60%
BIO Lash Cleanser With Rosemary
10,694,26 €
you save 60%
Russian Volume Lashes
8,542,12 EUR
you save 75%
Eye patches with aloe extract
0,810,10 EUR
you save 86%
Disposable masks 50 pcs
2,761,48 EUR
you save 47%

Noble Lashes - our selection of care products.

Having gorgeous lash extensions is a fantastic option if you love more of a statement look. But we don’t need to tell you that!

Over recent years lash extensions have exploded on the market and they’re becoming more widely available than ever. Almost every salon offers some sort of eyelash extension and there are several different options available, depending on your criteria. Check out our products to see which ones would work best for you - we’ve got them all!

Now, if you have eyelash extensions, give eyelash extensions or want eyelash extensions, it’s extremely important to know the right way to care for them. On top of this, it’s also incredibly important to give the utmost care to your natural lashes too. Improper care or using cheap/poorly made care products is a recipe for disaster.

Why is looking after your eyelashes and using the correct care products so important?

Extensions make someone's natural lashes look breathtakingly flawless if they’re done correctly. And the main way to help your technician give you these flawless lashes is by giving them healthy and beautiful natural lashes to work with. Remember that lash extension is about enhancing your existing ones, not about hiding them.

If your real lashes are in poor condition, the final results of your lash extensions aren’t going to look as fantastic as you’d hoped. Think about it this way - wearing a hat over frizzy hair doesn’t change the fact you have frizzy hair. It’s just an attempt to hide it and, more often than not, people can still see the mess underneath.

Generally speaking, you’re going to make your life a lot easier if you properly look after your natural and synthetic lashes. It will help your lash extensions hold longer and pop more. It’s not a one-time beauty hack, you really have to put the effort into making your lashes stay gorgeous.

What lash care products does Noble Lashes offer?

Noble Lashes offers a carefully curated range of care products with ones to ensure your safe removal and others that enable you to properly care for your lashes, both natural and synthetic. Our products are aimed at both individuals and professionals alike so you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality items for the fairest price.

Here are some of our care products available that we think you’ll love!

Bio Eyelash Cleansing Foam

The most popular care product we offer is our Bio Eyelash Cleansing Foam designed to keep your lashes looking flawless. It is made with a jasmine scent and is enriched with a variety of different active ingredients (prebiotics, allantoin, arginine and glycerine) that will boost the health and appearance of your lashes. It is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and 97% made from natural ingredients!

Bio micellar makeup remover

Other products we’re proud to promote include our bio micellar makeup remover which is gentle on the skin and designed for everyday use. It’s created with aloe vera and absolutely no alcohol so you don’t have to worry about drying out your skin. Frequent use of this will actually leave your skin feeling dewy and soft for the long run so it’s the perfect product to add to your everyday routine.

Nano Atomiser

This is one of our hugely popular products and there’s a clear reason for that. Affordable and palm-size, meaning it’s easily transportable and stored, our nano atomizer helps make products penetrate the skin better. It works by atomizing liquids into a nanosize using state of the art nanotechnology, allowing them to penetrate the skin much faster and more efficiently. It runs on distilled water and is easily recharged so it’s great for if you’re a professional that will need it often!


There are three types of eyelash removers that we offer - a liquid, a gel and a cream. While all work in relatively the same way, we offer these three as they’re aimed at different experiences levels and differ in the time it takes to use them.

Our liquid remover is by far our most popular but we don’t advise using it if you’re not very experienced as you’re more likely to cause damage to your eye. Take a look at our products to see which one is most suited to you and seek the advice of a professional if you’re still unsure.

We offer a range of other care products on top of these including eyelash shampoo and conditioner, an aftercare kit, a heated eyelash curler and eyelash dye. All of our products are vegan and cruelty-free and designed to boost the health of your natural lashes while giving long-term life to your synthetic ones.

Take a look at our extensive range - we assure you, there’s something for everyone.

Why should you opt for Noble Lashes care products?

Noble Lashes has been in the cosmetic industry for years and we have rightfully earned ourselves a place as a reputable and quality brand in that time.

We have spent years carrying out market research and perfecting our level of customer satisfaction. This means we can understand exactly what you’re looking for in a product and can more than exceed your expectations with the ones we offer.

We are built on the foundation that makeup is for everyone - of all ethnicities, skin types, genders and experience levels. That’s why we try to make our care products as accessible as possible for everyone meaning they’re affordable, easy to use and gentle on your skin. They also work perfectly amongst our other products so why not try out the rest of our collection?

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