Privacy policy

I. Preliminary Provisions

§ 1
The terms written with capital letters have the meaning assigned to them in the Terms and Conditions of the Internet store, provided that the term Customer implies, depending on the context, a Customer or a guest who visits the Store's website.
§ 2
Noble Group sp. z o. o., having its registered office at ul. Nowowiejska 33, 32-300 Olkusz, NIP no: 637 220 92 02, e-mail:, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller", establishes this Privacy and Cookie Files Policy, hereinafter referred to as "the Policy".

II. Personal Data
§ 3
1. In order to use the services offered by the Seller through the Store, each Customer must complete the respective form. It requires providing specific personal details.
2. To provide your personal data in the form is voluntary, however these are necessary for the Seller to provide the services for the benefit of the Customers through the Store. Without the personal data, it is not possible to provide these services.
3. Any personal data provided by the Customer in the registration form, the order form, or provided in any correspondence to the Seller are processed in a manner compliant with the requirements as specified in the Polish law, but above all in Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (UE) 2016/679  of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing directive 95/46/ec, hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR".
§ 4
1. The controller of the personal data is the Seller.
2. The Seller can entrust the processing of the clients' personal data to another entity, on the basis of a concluded contract for entrusting the processing of the personal data.
3. The Seller also notifies that the recipients of the personal data shall be: the entities providing the Seller with the hosting services for the Store or for the data, the supplier of tools for sending newsletters, the supplier of analytical tools, the supplier of marketing tools, marketing agencies, the operators of the payment methods  available in the Store, deliverymen and the postal service who deliver the products purchased in the Store, the Seller's franchisees, and with regard to the data stated in the product evaluation form - persons who visit the Store's website.
§ 5
1. The Customer has the right to access their personal data, to correct them, to request them to be removed, to restrict their processing, and to transfer the personal data. If the personal data is processed not in line with the law, the Customer has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body.
2. The Customer is also entitled to object to the processing of their personal data in two ways, if the personal data is processed:
a) for the needs of direct marketing; this objection does not need to be justified,
b) based on the Seller's other legally justified Interests; such an objection must be justified with the Customer's particular situation.
§ 6
1. The Seller processes the Customer's personal data and uses them to the extent and for the purpose necessary to implement the services offered in the Store, including for the purpose of examining a complaint, and exercising the right to terminate any contract, answer the questions presented by the Customer in the contact form  , to process any issue presented by the Customer to the Seller when making contact, to make it possible for the Customer to express their opinion regarding the product, and to publish this opinion on the Store's website, and for marketing purposes consisting in promoting the Seller, their services, and the Store.
2. The legal basis for the processing of the personal data are Article 6 section 1 letter b, c as well as letter f of GDPR. It is within the controller's legally justified interest to run marketing for their own services, and for the Seller themselves, to answer the questions presented by the Customer, and to process any issue presented by them, and to make it possible for the Customer to express their opinion regarding the product, and  to publish it on the Store's website.
3. Based on a Customer's additional and optional consent, which they may express in a separate declaration, the Seller is entitled to send newsletters to the addresses they've specified, including any information regarding new products or promotional campaigns. If they express such a consent, the legal basis for the processing  of the personal data shall also be Article 10 of the Act of 18.07.2002 on Electronic Services Provision, and Art. 172 of the Act of 16.07.2004 Telecommunication Law. If the Customer grants such a consent, they can revoke it later at any moment. Withdrawing the consent does not influence the legal compliance of any personal data processing performed before.
§ 7
The personal data will be processed for the time needed to provide the services for the Customer by the Seller, and, after the end of their provision, for the time needed to demonstrate the correct execution of the duties by the Seller for the Customer's benefit. This period corresponds to the limitation term for the claims, and the limitation period for the tax liabilities. The personal data processed within the marketing activities will be processed for as long as they're performed by the Seller, or until the Customer opposes any further processing of their personal data for the marketing purposes, or cancels their consent for receiving marketing information  to the e-mail address. The personal data processed in connection with the Customer making contact with the Seller will be processed for the time needed to answer the Customer's message, and to process the issue it addresses. The personal data processed for the purpose of the Customer's opinion about any product, and in connection with the publication of such an opinion will be processed for as long as the product covered by the opinion is available in the Store.
§ 8
The Seller applies the technical means required by the current personal data protection regulations to prevent unauthorized persons from acquiring and modifying any personal data sent electronically.

III. Cookie Files

§ 9
1. The Store uses cookies., namely short text information pieces stored in the Customer's device, which can be then read out by the Seller.
2. The cookie files are used to:
a) adapt the Store's content to each Customer's preferences, and to optimize the use of the Store; in particular these files help identify each Customer's device, and display the website adapted to their individual needs;
b) save each Customer's session, so that the Customer doesn't have to enter the login and password on each sub-page;
c,) adapt the newsletter content to each Customer's preferences;
d) detect authentication violations in the Store;
e) for the marketing purposes, including re-marketing, namely displaying advertisements to the Customers concerning the Store and the Seller on other websites.
3. The Controller uses external cookies to:
a. popularize the Store by means of social media: Facebook, Instagram.
4. Within the Store, two primary types of cookie files are used:
a. "session cookies": these are temporary files, which are kept in each Customer's device until they log out, leave the website, or close the online browser;
b. "persistent cookies": these are kept in each Customer's device for a time defined in the cookie files parameters, or until they are removed.
§ 10
The Seller also notifies the Customers of the possibility to configure the online browser in such a way that it makes it impossible to keep cookie files on the Customers' device.
The Seller also indicates that the cookie files can be removed by the Customer after they're saved by the Seller, by: respective features of the online browser, software intended for this purpose, or by using proper tools available within the operating system used by  the Customer.
The following links lead to information about the methods of removing cookies for the most popular web browsers:
Internet Explorer:,
§ 11
The Seller also notifies the Customers that a change in the configuration of their online browser which makes it impossible to store cookie files on the Customers' device or limits this can reduce the functionality of the services provided. Similar consequences may result from deleting cookie files while services are being provided. This could make it impossible to log in the Store or interrupt a session after logging in.
§ 12
The cookie files in a Customers' device can be also used by third parties cooperating with the Seller.

How Google will use your personal information if you consent to it:
Google’s Privacy & Terms site [CLICK]

IV. Miscellaneous

§ 13
The Customers cannot use the services offered in the Store anonymously or using a nickname.
§ 14
The Seller shall also record the IP address of the computer used by each Customer to visit the Store. The above is to optimize the Store's content, so that it fits each Customer's needs as much as possible.
§ 15
1. In the case of any questions and opinions concerning the Policy applied by the Seller, please send them to the e-mail address:
2. The Policy is available on the website, and in the Seller's seat.


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