Brow Henna for eyebrows


As more and more women get tired of having to put up makeup every morning, which can easily take hours, and washing it down in the evening, alternative solutions are becoming more and more popular. While permanent makeup and eyebrow microblading can solve the makeup problem, they are invasive procedures and the results of a treatment can stay up for over a year. Many clients are afraid of such a commitment, and eyelash tinting using a henna powder can be the perfect solution for them.

What is eyelash tinting?

Eyelash tinting is a simple procedure, usually done with either henna powder or henna gel. Tinting can easily make the natural eyelashes look gorgeous by making their colour more vibrant. Henna tinting is not permanent, which means your clients won’t have to worry about the ability to change their look. Should something go wrong during the treatment, the effects of tinting can be quickly fixed. With eyelash tinting, women can easily highlight their eyelashes or eyebrows, giving them a sophisticated look.

While eyebrow tinting with henna is a popular technique often found in beauty salons around the world, eyelash tinting with henna is still often unexplored in many salons. Why not use this opportunity to improve your business and offer something that other salons do not? With eyelash tinting, your clients will be able to forget about regular makeup. After the tinting treatment is done, there is no more need for a mascara to keep a gorgeous look. The effects of tinting do not wash down with water, which means your clients won’t have to refrain from going to the pool or taking long baths.

What is henna?

Henna has been used as a natural dye since ancient times by eastern civilisations. While most commonly applied to the skin and fabrics, henna powder can be also used to effectively dye hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. Many hairdressers also use henna powder to dye head hair, which is a great natural alternative to synthetic dyes. Originally, the pigment comes from the dried leaves of the henna plant, crushed into powder and mixed with water to create a dye that lasts for a couple of weeks. With just a simple brush, tattoo artists can create gorgeous designs that wash off with time.

When used for tinting eyelashes and eyebrows, henna is usually applied with a microbrush applicator, similar to those used for mascara. Professional henna brushes can be found at Noble Lashes, along with other products helpful in applying powder henna. In our offer, you will find such types of brushes as Spoolie Brow Brush, BH Brow Henna No. 4, Angled Brush for Brow Henna, and more. 

The benefits of henna 

As henna powder is mostly composed of natural ingredients, such as indigo leaf extract and Lawsonia leaf extract, they contain a multitude of nutrients that benefit the eyelashes. The vitamins and minerals contained within the dye further improve the condition of the eyelashes, making them look healthy and giving them a vibrant colour. Moreover, antioxidants found in the henna powder contribute to slowing the ageing process of the skin. While changing the colour of the hair is the primary objective of tinting, there are many other benefits that come with it.

While many henna dyes available on the market require to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide before use, henna powder does not require it. As the hydrogen peroxide can sometimes be detrimental to the structure of the natural eyelashes, the henna powder is the preferred alternative for women with fragile eyelashes, as it not only does not damage the hair, but actually reinforces their structure. Here at Noble Lashes, we offer a variety of colours of henna powder, allowing you to properly choose a shade for each and every individual client.

Henna powder - what to know before the treatment

When recommending henna tinting to your clients, it is worthy to mention all of the different positive effects that henna might have on the eyelashes. In addition to increasing the amount of highlight by making their colour more vibrant, nutrients found in the henna powder can improve the condition of the eyelashes tremendously. However, before you begin the treatment, there are a couple of things you need to remember. First of all, a skin test should be done at least two days before the treatment to find out whether your client is allergic to any of the ingredients found in the dye.

Henna tinting is a safe and non-invasive procedure, but there are still some contraindications for the treatment. For example, if your client frequently struggles with eye inflammation or skin diseases, they should consult with a doctor prior to getting the treatment. You also should not tint the eyelashes and eyebrows of a client that has visible wounds around the eye area. After conducting an interview with the client and confirming that there are no contraindications for the treatment, you can begin with your work. When properly applied by a skilled stylist, the effects of henna tinting can be visible for up to 6 weeks.


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