If you want your cosmetic salon to stay on top, you will need to introduce treatments to your offer which clients desire. One of the currently most cosmetic treatments, provided in salons all over the world, is eyelash extension treatment. All women dream of having the perfect eyelashes - lush, strong, and full of volume. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are the solution to this problem, giving glamorous lashes to those who desire them. To properly provide eyelash extension treatments to your clients, however, you will need professional equipment and supplies - including a premium cleaner.

What is an eyelash cleaner?

An eyelash cleaner is a necessity in every cosmetic salon. It is used for all kinds of treatments, not restricted to just eyelash extensions. Whether you are applying extensions, tinting your client’s eyelashes, or giving them an eyelash perm, you will first need to use a cleaner to prepare the lashes. Eyelash cleaners are used to deeply cleanse the natural eyelashes and remove any flaked epidermis and sebum that may be on them. Even if the eyelashes look perfectly clean to the naked eye, there are many microscopic particles that need to be cleaned before any treatment.

Effectively prepare your clients for treatment with an eyelash cleanser

When applying makeup, you always need to use a makeup remover to get rid of any remnants of the previous makeover. Similarly to that, an eyelash extension cleanser needs to be used before the application. Cleaning your client’s eyelashes before a procedure ensures the quality of the effects and their longevity. When improperly cleaned, the extensions will not stay on as long as they should, since the eyelash adhesive used during treatment might not settle properly. Because of that, a false eyelash cleaner should be one of the basic necessities in every stylists’ salon.

The benefits of using eyelash cleaners

A major benefit of an eyelash extension cleaner is that it has been specifically designed for that purpose. At Noble Lashes, we want our clients to use the best supplies available on the market, which is why we dedicate a lot of time and resources to making our products work efficiently. The consistency of eyelash cleaners allows the stylist to work much faster and ensures that nothing droops to the eyes of your client. Our cleaners effectively remove any dirt, sebum, and flaked skin from the eyelashes, allowing you to to work comfortably with your clients.

Additional advantages of eyelash cleaners

Apart from thoroughly cleaning the eyelashes before treatment, eyelash cleaners have additional benefits to them. Many of the eyelash cleaners contain additional ingredients which strengthen the structure of the natural eyelashes of your clients, making them appear healthier and better hold eyelash extensions. Eyelash cleaners moisturise the eyebrows, reinvigorate them, and help them regenerate any damage. Moreover, they make the eyelashes softer and more flexible, protecting them from future damage. Since the skin around our eyes is very sensitive and delicate, professional products need to be used to care for it.

Types of eyelash cleaners

To make the work even more comfortable and enjoyable for the stylists, eyelash cleansers are available in a wide variety of types. While most of the cleaners on the market are in liquid form, there are also cleaners available in foam. Foam is much easier to work with than liquid, as it keeps its shape and does not drip into the eyes as easily as a liquid does. While professional stylists with a lot of experience are comfortable using a liquid eyelash cleaner, a foam cleanser might be a better choice for beginners. At Noble Lashes, you can find a wide selection of eyelash cleaners, available in both foam and liquid.

What are cleaners made out of?

Here at Noble Lashes, we pay attention to what we put inside of our cosmetics. Products such as cleaners need to be composed carefully, as the skin around the eyes is thin and easily absorbs external substances. Our cleaners are composed mainly of water, which acts as a solvent for all of the other ingredients and gives the cleaner its liquid consistency. Cleaners might also include alcohol, as it easily dissolves oily substances and helps water evaporate, leaving the eyelashes dry after use. It is very important to keep the eyelashes dry before applying eyelash extensions, as the eyelash adhesive used in the procedure requires a dry surface to settle.

Conditioning effects of eyelash cleaners

Apart from just cleaning the eyelashes, eyelash cleaners have many additional benefits - such as acting as a gentle conditioner for the eyelashes. Eyelash cleaners contain arachidonic acid, which softens the eyelashes and gives them flexibility and a healthy look. Cleaners produced by Noble Lashes contain additional beneficial ingredients, such as prebiotics which protect the natural eyelashes from external damage and stimulate the hair bulbs of the eyelashes. The prebiotics also help create a proper microflora on the eyelashes, which acts as a gentle barrier protecting the lashes from damage.

Do I need an eyelash cleaner?

Absolutely! If you are a stylist, professional or beginner, mobile or working at a salon - you will need an eyelash cleaner for almost all treatments you will be providing to your clients. Cleaners deeply cleanse and remove oil from the lashes and the skin, allowing the effects of any treatment to last much longer and be much more impressive. When applying makeup, you need to make sure that all residue of previous makeup is gone from your client’s face. Similarly, with eyelash extensions, it is important to clean the eyelashes of any flaked skin, skin oil, and dust.

Eyelash cleansers for all types of eyelashes

Eyelash cleaners designed and manufactured by Noble Lashes can be used for any type of eyelashes. You can rest assured that our products will meet all of your requirements and are appropriate for beginner stylists as well as experienced ones. The cleaners are packed into handy bottles which can be easily stored in a salon or taken with you to your client if you are a mobile stylist. Apart from premium cleaners, our offer includes a wide variety of cosmetics and supplies necessary during eyelash extension treatments. These products include primers, professional eyelash adhesives, tweezers, cosmetic tapes, removers, and more!

Try something new - not only eyelash extensions

Even though here at Noble Lashes we specialize in eyelash extensions, we also provide professional cosmetic products for other treatments. In our assortment, you will find premium eyelash lifting and lamination products, with which you will be able to give a visible increase in lift and volume to clients who cannot wear extensions. We also offer a variety of eyelash and eyebrow tinting supplies, along with all of the necessary tools and accessories. In addition, our store provides salon equipment, promotional materials, and more!


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