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BIO Foam for Cleaning Eyelashes

Product code: BIOPIANKA

Professional eyelash cleansing foam enriched with active ingredients. 

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Product description

BIO eyelash cleaning foam

Our BIO eyelash cleaning foam may seem innocent, but in reality, it is a powerful and efficient formula that can be used both to get rid of anything that got stuck to the hairs and to take care of the condition of the eyelashes. This one of a kind product is not only beneficial for the eyelash structure, but it also nourishes the skin with active ingredients.

At Noble Lashes, we put all our hearts into the production process of our small masterpieces that will allow beauticians, stylists, and ordinary people to take care of their eyelashes in the best manner possible. Our foam can also be a real asset when preparing for the eyelash extension treatment. It cleanses the hair’s surface, allowing safer and more effective application of extensions. If our natural eyelashes will be strong and nourished, the artificial ones will not fall for a longer period of time. The foam is also very efficient as a 100 ml container will be enough for long use of the product.

Bio-friendly natural product for professionals and amateurs

We are producing our BIO foam from only the best ingredients. 97% of them are of a natural origin which makes the product safe and ecological. It is also vegan as no ingredient used in the process is of an animal origin. The foams are also not tested on animals.

It is a formula used by professionals and it contains probiotics that stimulate the hair bulbs and will strengthen any type of eyelash, as well as have a beneficial effect on your skin. Foam protects eyelashes and makes them look nourished and healthy.

Allantoin soothes any irritations and the glycerin moisturizes the skin, regenerates it, and is also anti-inflammatory. The pH of cosmetics is alkaline and works great as a cleaner. What is also great about BIO eyelash cleaning foam is the easy application and smooth spreading. The product not only nourishes the lashes’ surface but also increases your skin’s softness and smoothness.

Noble Lashes products are the best for the eyelash care

Noble Lashes offers you a great balance between high-quality products that are commonly used by professionals and affordability. Our products will be great for both starting beauticians who are still getting a hang of things, and for far more experienced ones, who are looking for a way to enhance their services and take them to the next level.

Our BIO foam will help you to prepare your eyelashes for the extensions - whatever the method you or your client decide on. Noble Lashes BIO eyelash cleaning foam works perfectly when you need to degrease the hairs before an application of extensions. You can also use our different-scented BIO cleaners that will cleanse the eyelashes, nourish them and moisturize.

Noble Lashes shop offers a wide assortment of products that will come in handy for the stylists and their clients, as well as different sets of tools necessary to provide the best cosmetic treatments possible. Noble Lashes can help you get through the whole process of applying extensions with the use of dedicated products that make the treatment safe, easy and pleasant.

How to use:

Apply the foam to the eyelashes and gently cleanse them. After cleaning the eyelashes, rinse thoroughly with water or saline.

Made in Poland
100% vegan
100% cruelty free

Capacity 100ml
Consistency Foam
INCI Aqua, Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Maltooligosyl Glucoside, Allantoin, Inulin, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysate, Arginine, So



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