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Strawberry Lash Cleanser 40 ml


Cleanser easily cleanses eyelash extensions without irritating the eyes. Noble Lashes cleanser prepare the lashes for eyelash extension application.

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Product description

This lash cleanser is part of the Noble Lashes eyelash cleaning range - a wide variety of products to suit every cleaning need and purpose that will face the modern eyelash stylist. This cleanser comes with a strawberry scent in a 40ml bottle.

What Is a Lash Cleanser?

Dirty eyelashes will ensure reduced adhesive efficacy which will result in the premature shedding of eyelash extensions. Extensions will fall off the natural lash earlier as opposed to lasting the length of time they are supposed to, or until the natural lash cycle ends and the natural lash is shed ready for regrowth.

This means that the first steps in any treatments are some of the most important, and that is the eyelash cleaning. Eyelash cleaning is the act of preparing the clients eyelashes by using a cleansing solution or fluid to remove grease and debris from the area, ready for the adhesion of extensions. This strawberry cleanser is designed to cleanse and prep the lashes to ensure maximum bonding of the eyelash adhesive, giving you a perfectly clean surface to work from and also giving you the tools to ensure that your treatments are as high quality as you can make them.

Once the eyelashes are cleaned, it is recommended to use one of the Noble Lashes eyelash primers to prime the eyelashes prior to adhesive, and to ensure maximum bonding of the eyelash glue.

Noble Lashes - A Brand To Trust

Noble Lashes experts have refined the formula of the strawberry lash cleanser so as to ensure that it will not affect any eyelash extension bonds that are already on the lid, this therefore means that the strawberry lash cleanser can be used on top of both natural lashes and eyelash extensions, making it the ideal cleanser for both fresh eyelash applications and treatment touch ups.

This particular lash cleanser comes infused with a strawberry scent, which really makes it sing and brings an extra level of pampering to the treatment sessions, your clients will love the smell as they are relaxing on your treatment beds bringing an additional level of luxury and service to your treatments.

This Strawberry Lash Cleaner comes in a larger bottle for the economically minded stylist, ideal for cost conscious stylists who prefer to buy in bulk, either restocking their products or bulking up their high use items.

Noble Lashes strives to create the best products and some of the most ideal formulas to bring to the market as we have an ongoing commitment to the stylist community, and therefore love to create products to improve or assist with your treatments and needs.

Cleanser easily cleanses eyelash extensions without irritating the eyes. Noble Lashes cleanser prepare the lashes for eyelash extension application. Our cleanser will cleanse and prepare the lashes for maximum bonding of the adhesive. Additionally, as the adhesive will bond faster, overall application time will be reduced. Cleanser can be used on natural or extended lashes making it ideal for both initial application and touch-ups. Our cleanser will not affect any existing eyelashes extensions bonds.  Instructions: Begin each eyelash extension process by removing any make-up with oil-free make-up remover. Once cleaned thoroughly, apply a small amount of primer to a disposable cotton swab and brush it throughout your client's eyelashes. Use on each client before the eyelash extension application. Client’s eyes should be closed when applying primer, do not apply directly on the eyes. It is sugessted to use Lash Primer and Lash Cleanser for maximum bonding of the adhesive.

Packaging Atomizer bottle
Colour Red
Capacity 40ml
Scent Strawberry


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