There are many factors contributing to the quality of a cosmetic treatment and its longevity. One of the factors is, without a doubt, the experience of the stylist - without proper skills, you won’t be able to provide your clients with the quality they deserve. However, there is a second factor that is equally important in dictating the results of your treatments - the quality of your cosmetic supplies. Using professional cosmetic supplies, tools, and accessories helps you achieve better results as a stylist, which directly translates to customer satisfaction. When choosing your supplies, you should especially care about the quality of your eyelash adhesive, as this will directly dictate how long the extensions will hold. Find a professional eyelash adhesive today at Noble Lashes.

The importance of quality eyelash adhesive

Finding the perfect eyelash glue is a difficult task with which every beginner stylist struggles. It is hard to find a professional eyelash adhesive that provides good quality results, bonds the eyelashes well, and does not cost a fortune. Look for your eyelash adhesive at Noble Lashes for all of those characteristics - our adhesives have been designed by experts to provide the best results and hold on for long. They are also very affordable, allowing you to save some money on your supplies every time you restock. If you’re looking for the perfect eyelash adhesive for volume methods of eyelash extension application, we recommend our Russian, Fast, and Divine adhesives, which have been specifically manufactured to handle more than one extension at a time, allowing you to create easy-to-apply bundles. 

Eyelash adhesives that add glamour

Our eyelash extension adhesives are not only extremely effective, but also provide additional glamour to the eyelash extensions. Many of our glues have been specifically designed for black eyelash extensions, as they further improve their colour by making it deeper and giving it a noticeable shine. Our eyelash adhesives are available in various colours, capacity, settling times, strength, consistency, and optimal conditions required to work with the adhesive. We also feature hypoallergenic eyelash adhesives, designed for clients with allergies or very sensitive skin and eyes. These glues have a lower amount of cyanoacrylate, making them safer and reducing the amount of vapour they create. 

Additional lash glue accessories

Apart from a choice of eyelash adhesives, Noble Lashes also features many accessories to be used with lash glue. One of the most popular accessories is a handy thermal glue bag, designed to keep eyelash adhesives in a stable environment. Many adhesives lose their functionality when kept too long in hot temperature, and a thermal bag allows you to easily control that temperature, even during a hot summer. Don’t let your supplies rely on the outside weather - protect them yourself with a thermal glue bag. Another useful accessory is a glue plug, which can be used as an alternative way to take the glue out of its bottle. With a plug, you will be able to better control the amount of adhesive you need, saving your supplies from unnecessary use and protecting them from drying out.

Glue rings and jade stones

If you have already found your perfect eyelash adhesive but need additional tools to make its usage more comfortable, Noble Lashes has got you covered. In our offer, you will find a variety of handy glue rings, which can be easily used to keep the adhesive at the ready during a treatment, which in turn speeds up the whole process and shortens the procedure. Jade and crystal stones are frequently used by stylists to prevent the adhesive from settling during the treatment. Jade stones are naturally cold and do not get heated easily, which makes them cool even in hot summer. Such stones are perfect for holding glue during the treatment, as they keep it liquid and ready to use. To keep your jade stone clean and usable, you can also use a disposable glue film. The film can be applied to a jade or crystal stone and prevents it from being stained by the glue, making your work more convenient and shortening the cleanup.

For sensitive clients, use an odour neutraliser

One of our newest innovations is the eyelash adhesive odour neutraliser. Since eyelash adhesive needs to be strong, it contains cyanoacrylates which can be harmful to your health if inhaled for too long. Many clients complain about the vapours released by eyelash adhesive, as it irritates their noses and eyes. To prevent your clients and yourself from having to inhale the vapours of eyelash adhesives, we recommend using a glue odour neutraliser by Noble Lashes - designed specifically to absorb toxic chemicals in the air. With an odour neutraliser, your clients will be able to breathe without problems, and their eyes will be kept safe from the vapours.

In a hurry? Try an adhesive accelerant!

Even though many of our adhesives only take a second to settle, experienced stylists often still want to use an accelerant to make the process even faster. When you are a stylist, time is money. To meet the demands of our customers, we have introduced a Rose-Scented Adhesive Accelerant. The accelerant speeds up the process of polymerisation that happens between natural eyelashes and the eyelash extensions with the help of eyelash adhesive. The accelerant will also remove some of the vapours released by the adhesive and replace their unpleasant smell with a sweet rose scent. The accelerant is especially useful with volume methods of application, when time is of the essence. To apply the accelerant, spread it over the eyelashes before you apply the adhesive - the accelerant also cleans the eyelashes and protects them from getting dirty during the treatment.

Try eyelash lifting and lamination as well!

One of the most popular cosmetic treatments, apart from eyelash extensions, is the eyelash lifting and lamination treatment. During the treatment, special substances are applied to the eyelashes of the client, fixing them into the desired position and increasing their thickness. It is a perfect treatment for women who cannot get eyelash extensions, since many women are either sensitive or allergic to some of the ingredients used in the process, or their fragile eyelashes cannot bear the weight of the extensions. After lifting and lamination, the eyelashes can be further highlighted with mascara and can be safely worn in a swimming pool or sauna. The effects can stay visible for up to 6 weeks!

Professional cosmetics and more at Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes is a producer and supplier of professional cosmetic products. Our clients are stylists and cosmetic salons from all around Europe, looking for high-quality, yet affordable products. In our offer, you will find a wide variety of eyelash extensions of different types, curls, shapes, and sizes. Our extensions are available in a classic 1:1 variety, but we also offer extensions designed for volume methods of application, such as Russian Volume. We also offer a range of cleaners, removers, primers, and more!


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