Tweezers for lashes: volume and 1:1 eyelash extensions


One of the most universal accessories that should be found in every makeup cabinet is a pair of tweezers. Whether you’re intending to use them to pluck your eyebrows or carefully place your false eyelashes on your eyelids, a pair of eyebrow tweezers is sure to be helpful in a whole range of occasions. While you may think that tweezers are an unimportant accessory, a pair of poor quality can easily mess up your eyelashes. To get the best results when applying your eyelashes or plucking your eyebrows, only use the best tweezers. Here at Noble Lashes we produce our accessories and beauty items with care and passion, using only materials of the highest available quality. 

Are there different tweezers types?

Yes, there are. We’ve got both eyebrow tweezers and eyelash tweezers, as well as different types of them - such as long eyelash tweezers and pointed eyelash tweezers. You can find all kinds of tweezers at Noble Lashes. If you're a beginner stylist and are not familiar with all the types of tweezers, it is useful knowledge to educate yourself about them, as they come in handy in a range of situations. Apart from different types of tweezers, each model has slightly different features, which you can match with your preferred method of eyelash application, or with how advanced you are. There are options available for beginners and professionals alike, which makes the selection accessible to all. To get a better grip on the specifics of each type of tweezers, make sure to browse our offer and read through the product descriptions. Those descriptions provide much more information regarding the specific product, allowing you to narrow down the choice and find your ideal match.

What are the types?

If you’re looking for a simple pair of tweezers to separate your eyelashes from each other before application, whether you’re using the strip or individual eyelashes, we recommend the straight tweezers or curved tweezers, which work out the best for fiddling with eyelashes. The straight tweezers are the easiest to get a hold of and do not require much hand movement to use. It is the most commonly used type of tweezers, generally used to pluck your eyebrows. The curved tweezers are shaped in a way that makes operating near your eyelid comfortable and stable, so you don't have to worry about your hands shaking and slipping. However, remember to remain cautious even with this type of tweezers, so that you don’t damage your eye accidentally. 

Tweezers for eyebrows

You can also find tweezers designed specifically to pluck eyebrows, which are constructed to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. At Noble Lashes, you will be able to find some of the best tweezers for eyebrows available on the market, created out of durable materials and designed for comfort. The eyebrow tweezers that we provide can be found in a variety of shapes and colours, available at very affordable price ranges. If you're feeling like you want something more sophisticated, we also offer gold tweezers with a handy comb, expertly crafted to provide accuracy and precision. 

Luxury tweezers

At Noble Lashes, we want to cater to every customer on the market. In our offer, you will be able to find a multitude of affordable tweezers and other accessories, crafted with care and out of high-quality materials. However, we also provide options for the more demanding customers, who want only the best tweezers UK has to offer. Our most simple eyebrow tweezers can be found at below three pounds. If you're looking for something more sophisticated, we provide beautiful metallic tweezers in a variety of colours, including white, silver, and gold. If you want a cute and unique addition to your makeup bag, the leopard pattern tweezers may appeal to you. There are also pink, rainbow, black, and sapphire choices available. 

What are Noble Lashes’ tweezers made out of?

Our top-quality tweezers are made out of durable stainless anti-magnetic steel, which ensures durability and stability of work. Good quality of equipment is extremely important whether you’re a beginner or advanced stylist, as lack of attention can be dangerous. Even a slight slip might be dangerous as you are putting on eyelashes, especially if you’re a professional working with a client. Always remember to put the safety of yourself and others first when working with beauty products. We also want to cater to customers who want to make a bold statement with their beauty accessories, showing class and taste in collaboration with other luxurious makeup items. If you fit that description, we recommend you to browse through our Gold Edition collection, which consists of highest-tier tweezers manufactured out of surgical-grade stainless steel and coated with 24-carate gold, creating the ultimate beauty accessory. With our unique collection of tweezers of different types, you will be able to create the perfect set of tweezers, including straight tweezers, curved tweezers, eyebrow tweezers, and precision tweezers. Make sure to carefully browse our collection to pick the model that suits your preferences regarding shape and size.

Tweezers accessories

Apart from a wide variety of tweezer types and designs, Noble Lashes offers a range of accessories to use with your tweezers, such as stylish cases in which you can carry your tweezers safely around. A tweezer case can be a stunning addition to your purse, allowing you to always keep your tweezers at hand while carrying them in a fashionable container. Apart from its appearance, a case for your tweezers will secure them from elements, keeping them less exposed to bacteria and prolonging their potential use time. This is especially important for beauty salon owners, who should always keep their tweezers in cases to make their businesses as healthy and clean as possible. To find the perfect tweezer container for you, we recommend you check through our extensive offer of available products, with plenty to choose from and match your style.

What pairs well with tweezers?

Noble Lashes also produces a number of products and accessories to go with tweezers, making plucking your eyebrows and applying false eyelashes even easier. One of the most important items of every makeup table is a high-quality cosmetic lamp, equipped with the highest quality LED lights, set to cold tones to allow you the best view of your face while applying makeup. There are also a number of products that will come in handy during either eyebrow plucking or eyelash application. For your eyebrows, remember to always wash your face with a proper face cleaner, which you can find at Noble Lashes, in order to avoid any skin irritation. For the best results, clean your face before and after plucking. When it comes to false eyelashes, there are a couple of products that will be necessary for the process. You will need an eyelash cleaner, which will help prepare your natural eyelashes for application. We recommend you also use a primer, which helps the eyelash adhesive bond with your eyelids, granting them increased durability and longevity. You will also need a good eyelash glue to apply individual lashes. You can find these and more beauty products at Noble Lashes online store.


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