Beauty salon equipment


Running a successful cosmetic salon takes dedication. As a stylist, you need experience and skill to provide high-quality treatments to your customers. However, you also need to take care of the supplies and tools used in your salon. One of the deciding factors of treatment quality is the quality of the products you use. To achieve better results, always buy professional salon equipment - from cosmetic lamps to disinfection supplies. To better promote your salon, you also need to think about the promotional materials that your clients are going to see both from the outside, and inside your salon.

How to prepare a cosmetic salon for clients?

One of the most important issues you should care about at your cosmetic salon is hygiene - you need to carefully disinfect not only the tools and accessories you use, but also your workplace. Every successful cosmetic salon needs to be properly organized, with all of the supplies properly stored and kept from damage. While aesthetically arranging your salon is important, disinfecting it is even more important. To keep your services safe for the customers, you will need to use a range of supplies. Noble Lashes provides high-quality, industrial disinfectants, used to keep your tools and surfaces clean and free of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In our offer, you can find handy tissues with disinfectant, ready to be used without additional detergents. We also provide scented surface cleaners, along with hand and skin sanitizers for both you and your clients.

Keep your supplies organized

Without proper storage space, your supplies and tools will lay around in disarray. This will not only prolong the time needed for each treatment, as you will have to look around for the tools, but will also have a negative impact on your client’s comfort. With a stylish case or box, you can easily store your products in a tidy place, out of your clients’ eyes. The cases available at Noble Lashes have been designed with stylists in mind and have many compartments and handy pockets to help you organize your supplies. In addition to storage solutions, at Noble Lashes you will find handy, small cases that can be used for storing tweezers and other small tools.

Take care of the lighting

To work effectively and efficiently, you will need a good source of light in your salon. Regular lamps or sunlight are often too unreliable, as you will frequently block the light with your body during a treatment. Moreover, natural light is often not strong enough to work with. Instead, try a professional cosmetic lamp from Noble Lashes, designed to create a comfortable environment to work in. Our cosmetic lamps can be fully moved around when assembled, giving you the ability to adapt it as you work. The lamps are made out of lightweight, yet sturdy materials, allowing them to serve you for years to come. If you’re looking for something premium, check out our professional Glamcor lamps!

Track the conditions in your salon with a weather station

As many cosmetic products are fragile, they need very specific atmospheric conditions to work well. Eyelash adhesives, for example, tend to work effectively only in certain ranges of temperature and humidity. To track and control the conditions in your salon, we recommend using a handy weather station. A weather station constantly checks for the temperature and humidity around it, giving you the information necessary to run your salon successfully. The device is small and can be kept at hand all the time when you’re working.

Don’t forget about the details!

While details and decorations may seem unimportant, they contribute to how the clients perceive your salon. A tidy, well-decorated salon will have many more customers than a poorly-kept one without any decorations. At Noble Lashes, you can find all kinds of promotional products, including wall posters, air fresheners, questionnaires for your clients, blankets, uniforms, tablecloths, and even car decorations that you can use to promote your salon around the city!


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