If you are about to start your journey into the world of eyelash extensions, then a big welcome from us here at Noble Lashes! You have come to the best place to get to know more about eyelash extension and there could not be a better way to start than with one of our starter kits for eyelash extension. These kits have everything you need to create wow moment eyelashes!

Which of the starter kits for eyelash extension should I choose?

It can be a little bit overwhelming to know which is the best type of eyelash extension for your eyes as well as what tools you need to be able to apply them successfully. That is why we have put together a range of different starter kits for eyelash extension.

No matter the starter kit that you chose, you can be sure that you will have the same top-quality eyelash extension products that we always offer here at Noble Lashes. The starter kits for eyelash extension are designed to get you started right away and contain lashes, glue and application tools.

The main differences between our starter kits for eyelash extension are only in the range of products on offer in each. If you are looking for added volume for your eyelashes, then a great place to start is with our volume starter kit. Inside of this kit is the very popular Russian Volume eyelashes along with glue, primer, cleaner and everything else you need for the perfect lash application.

Starter kits for eyelash extension with cosmetic cases

When you are starting to learn to apply fake eyelashes, you need to have all your kit in one place. That is why we offer stylish cosmetic cases along with our starter kits. In these cases, you will find all the necessary equipment that you need to put on the perfect lash. They come in a range of colours and would make a wonderful gift for any false eyelash enthusiast!

Teach yourself how to apply fake eyelashes

We also offer training kits as part of our starter kits for the eyelash extension range. These kits are for those of you out there that have never applied fake lashes before. The last thing you want to do is walk out of the door with a badly placed fake eyelash. Practice makes perfect and there is no better way to practice than with our training kits. As part of the training kits, you receive a training head and sets of lashes to get practising on. We even have a premium training kit with replaceable eyes that would be an excellent training dummy for your newly recruited eyelash technicians.

Give it a go with a starter kit for eyelash extension

Whether you are looking to dabble into the world of eyelash extensions or simply fancy boosting the look of your natural eyelashes with a do it yourself perm, then our starter kits have everything you need. You can always boost your collection once you get used to applying eyelashes. For now, you have everything that you need to apply for beautiful eyelash extensions with confidence. Once the eyelashes are on, then at some stage you will want to take them off! That is why every kit comes fully furnished with eyelash extension removers to gently take off your false eyelashes and wipe away any glue residue.

Not everything is about fake eyelashes

There is a very popular trend right now in the eyelash world that is known colloquially as an eyelash perm but the correct name is eyelash lifting. Essentially, this is where you treat your natural eyelashes to give the appearance of being longer, more open and fuller. Eyelash lifting is a really great choice for those who do not feel comfortable wearing false eyelashes for a long period. Also, many who wear glasses also feel that false eyelashes interfere too much with their glasses and so eyelash lifting can be an excellent option.

How eyelash lifting works is that you coat the eyelash in a liquid that allows them to stand up in a better and more desirable position, giving the eyelashes a fuller and more open look. It is completely non-invasive and done by using silicone eye pads placed under the eye while you gently sweep on the products needed to achieve the effect.

Fall into the volume eyelash perm kit

If you would like to explore more into the world of eyelash perming, or eyelash lifting as we call it at Noble Lashes, then there is no better place to start than with our lifting starter kit. In the starter kit that has been created by Noble Lashes, you will receive everything you need to coat and fix the eyelashes in place. We offer two kits, one that is designed to boost volume and one that is designed to lift and open the lashes to make them appear longer.

Extend the services you offer with eyelash lifting

If you are already running a successful eyelash extension salon, then this is the time to think about extending the services you offer to include eyelash lifting. It is a very popular service right now as more people want to achieve a natural but boosted look for their eyelashes. The starter kits that we have on offer at Noble Lashes are the same great quality as all our other eyelash products. With these starter kits, you can train your eyelash technicians on how to offer this new service to your loyal clients.


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