Eyes are one of the most noticeable parts of our faces. Long and lush eyelashes highlight our eyes, allowing them to look glamorous and be visible from a long distance. They are also a sign of good health, as well-groomed eyelashes full of volume drastically improve a woman’s overall appearance and hide many imperfections. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve a woman’s eyelashes is to use eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are easy to apply and leave a lasting impression. Extensions are also highly customizable, allowing the stylist to personalize the effect to the client’s desires.

Improve your salon with eyelash extensions

If you are a stylist and you have your own cosmetic salon, adding eyelash extensions to your offer can easily bring you tons of new clients. As more and more women look for stunning and daring looks, the popularity of eyelash extensions keeps growing. Even beginner stylists can easily learn to apply eyelash extensions using professional tools and supplies, such as those produced by Noble Lashes. If you are in need of more clients, eyelash extensions will easily allow you to increase the number of women coming to your salon every day. Extensions will also make sure that your clients leave your salon satisfied with the effects of their treatments.

Extensions vs. false eyelashes

While false eyelashes can be bought in any drug store and applied at home by every amateur, eyelash extensions are something much more sophisticated. Extensions need to be applied by a professional stylist in a safe environment, using a semi-permanent adhesive. The adhesive connects each of the individual natural eyelashes to an artificial one, usually applied to the top lash line, but it can also be done to the bottom lashes as well. There are many types of eyelash extensions, some of which are applied individually and some in little fans made out of clusters of extensions. Getting to know all the different types of eyelash extensions, as well as their methods of application, will give you more stylizing knowledge, allowing you to serve your clients better.

1:1 Eyelash Extensions

The most standard and common technique for applying eyelash extensions is the 1:1 application method, often also called the classic method. 1:1 lashes are reliable and pretty, while also retaining a mostly natural look. With a 1:1 applying method, a single eyelash extension is attached to every single one of your natural eyelashes, evenly extending them and giving them a glamorous look. Classic extensions also come in various designs to give your clients even more options. While extensions used to be made out of various materials, such as silk and mink hair, at Noble Lashes we produce all of our eyelashes out of the highest quality synthetic materials, which minimizes the environmental imprint of our company while retaining a premium quality of products.

The benefits of 1:1 eyelash extensions

One of the biggest benefits of the 1:1 method of extension application is its reliability, but also the overall natural appearance of the extensions. 1:1 eyelashes are perfect for women looking for a believable effect that subtly highlights the natural beauty of their real eyelashes. After an eyelash extension treatment, the lashes are left longer, healthier, and with more volume. To achieve the best results when applying 1:1 eyelash extensions, always use premium cosmetic products, which you can find at an affordable price at Noble Lashes. In the case of most 1:1 eyelash extensions, the effects stay consistent for up to 4 weeks. As the natural eyelashes of your client start to fall out, they will require a replacement.

Volume method eyelash extensions

At Noble Lashes, you will find not only standard 1:1 eyelash extensions, but also extensions specifically designed and manufactured for volume methods of application. The volume technique has just recently started spreading around the world. Even though the technique itself is not anything new, the eyelashes used for this method were much too heavy for the natural eyelashes to hold. This often resulted in health issues and falling eyelashes, which prompted health agencies around the world to ban these eyelashes. However, with the latest cosmetic innovations and state-of-the-art synthetic materials, we can now safely use the volume method as the extensions themselves are much, much lighter.

How does the volume method work?

The volume method of application differs from the classic technique. In the case of the 1:1 method, only a single extension is applied to each one of the natural eyelashes. In the case of the volume method, more than one extension is applied to each of the lashes. The roots of the technique trace back to Russia, but cosmetic salons all over the world have already adopted this method and are using it more and more frequently as women desire more glamorous stylisations. Using the volume method, a professional stylist can increase the volume of their client’s eyelashes up to 9 times!

The difference between classic extensions and volume extensions

While classic extensions are perfect for women who desire a natural, yet glamorous look, volume extensions are great for those women who seek something even more highlighting. Classic extensions can make the eyelashes longer and thicker, as well as give them an enticing curve, but they won’t change the volume of your client’s eyelashes, since the resulting number of eyelashes does not change. With the volume method of application, more than just one extension is attached to the natural eyelashes, increasing the volume by a significant factor. Modern volume eyelashes are extremely thin and light, with a wide choice of curve styles.

Variety in the volume method

Almost everything can be personalized when providing eyelash extensions to your clients - the shape, the curl, the length, the thickness, and even the colour. With volume extensions, you can also change another aspect - the volume itself. By attaching more and more extensions to a single natural eyelash, you can multiply the volume of your client’s eyelashes. Traditionally, stylists use between 2 to 10 extensions for every eyelash. Those eyelashes are named accordingly from 2D to 10D. When working with a client, always make sure that the number of extensions you use won’t turn out to be too heavy for them - clients with fragile and weak eyelashes should not use too many extensions.

How to remove false lashes?

While the proper application of artificial eyelashes is important, it is also equally important for a stylist to know how to properly remove them. When a client comes into your salon, they might be already wearing extensions, and in order to provide them a new treatment, you will need to remove the extensions first. You can do that using one of the many premium eyelash extension removers, available at Noble Lashes. Noble Lashes provides a wide range of premium cosmetic supplies, tools, and accessories - including extensions, removers, primers, cleaners, and more!


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