Eyelash extension supplies


Currently, eyelash extensions are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments targetting women’s eyelashes. Many women around the world are struggling with their eyelashes, which are either too short, too thin, or do not have enough volume. Eyelash extensions are the perfect solution to such problems, as they can effectively lengthen the eyelashes and give them a desirable curve. Here at Noble Lashes, we design and manufacture professional eyelash extensions, along with a wide variety of eyelash extension supplies used by stylists during extension treatments.

The most important accessory - cosmetic eye pads

Among a whole range of eyelash extension supplies, eye pads are among the most important ones. They are necessary for almost every cosmetic treatment that targets the eyelashes, as they are placed to protect the lower lashes during procedures such as eyelash extension application. There is a wide variety of cosmetic eye pads to choose from, as Noble Lashes provides many alternatives, all of which have their own features. One of the most popular types of eye pads is regular single-use eye pads with aloe vera extract and additional nutrients that act as a gentle conditioner during the treatment.

Apart from the eye pads with aloe vera, Noble Lashes features eye pads made from special gel. These eyelashes are designed to adapt to the shape of your client’s face, matching their eyes perfectly and properly covering the lower eyelashes. These eye pads are exceptionally thin and delicate, perfect for clients with sensitive skin. If you’re looking for eye pads that apart from protecting also invigorate the skin and the lower lashes, choose our collagen eye pads.

Cosmetic tapes - an irreplaceable addition to a stylist’s salon

Cosmetic tapes are used often in combination with eye pads, helping the stylists keep the lower lashes protected from any substances used during the treatment. Moreover, they can be used to help keep the upper eyelid in place, making the work easier and more comfortable for the stylist. Cosmetic tapes sold by Noble Lashes have been manufactured out of a delicate material that does not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin of the eyelids. They are one of the irreplaceable accessories used during eyelash extension and other eyelash treatments.

At Noble Lashes, you can find a variety of types of cosmetic tapes, all of which have different uses and features. The medical tape is recommended for clients with very sensitive skin or skin allergies, as it is hypoallergenic and does not cause any irritation or allergic reaction. A perforated cosmetic tape features a unique surface that lets the skin underneath breathe during the treatment. Moreover, it does not absorb moisture and is also delicate on the skin and should not cause any irritation. Microfoam surgical tapes and silicone hypoallergenic tapes are also available in various sizes.

Complete your salon with useful accessories

Apart from the tools you are going to use during the treatments and the cosmetic supplies themselves, it is wise to stock up your salon in useful accessories and eyelash extension supplies that will help you during your work. Proper use of accessories can not only make your job easier and faster, allowing you to serve more customers, but will also increase the quality of your treatments. Here at Noble Lashes, we design and manufacture high-quality accessories for stylists and beauticians all over Europe, available at affordable prices.

Among dozens of available accessories for stylists, one of the most popular ones is a jade stone. A jade stone can be used as a surface on which you pour eyelash adhesive before transferring it to the eyelashes. Jade keeps its surface cold and prevents the adhesive from settling. Noble Lashes also offers crystal surfaces with a similar way of working that is a bit more affordable. If you find yourself too overwhelmed with the amount of supplies in your salon, we offer various storage solutions that can be used to keep your extensions and tools tidy and organized.

Eyelash extension supplies and more at Noble Lashes

At Noble Lashes, you can supply yourself in products used both during eyelash treatments, as well as before treatment during the preparation. Cleaners are an example of such products, as they allow you to thoroughly wash your client’s eyelashes before a treatment. Our cleaners are composed of safe-to-use ingredients and do not cause irritation. In our offer, you will also find a wide variety of applicators and tweezers, which are some of the most common tools used by stylists in their daily work. 

In addition to all of the accessories available, Noble Lashes designs and produces high-quality eyelash extensions. Our extensions are available in a wide range of types and styles, including eyelash extensions for 1:1 application method, as well as volume extensions such as Russian Volume. We also offer products used for other eyelash treatments, such as eyelash perm and lifting and eyelash and eyebrow tinting.


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