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Fall Into The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit with Lash Filling


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You have certainly heard of a perm for your hair as it was at one time all the rage. It was a popular trend, particularly in the 1980s, but it still remains a good way to tame unruly hair and give it a ready to go curly look without having to tend to it much. Well, the same goes with eyelash perming which is a fantastic solution to short and straight eyelashes that need that extra boost to achieve long and curly eyelashes. As people are becoming more aware of the benefits of an eyelash perm and lift, more people are asking for at-home eyelash perm kits. Well, here at Noble Lashes we listened, and we have on offer everything needed to achieve an eyelash perm and lift at home.

What is the difference between an eyelash perm kit and an eyelash lift kit?

Good question! The answer is that an eyelash perm kit serves a different purpose than an eyelash lift kit. That being said, both are intended to give you a semi-permanent look where your eyelashes are more defined and your eyelashes more open. If you want to focus on curling your eyelashes, then an eyelash perm set is for you. If you want to focus on lifting and lengthening your lashes, then an eyelash lift set is for you.

What does an eyelash perm kit do?

The best thing about an eyelash perm set is that you will achieve a lasting curl and push backlashes to give your eyes that must have a doll-eye look. An eyelash perm kit is particularly recommended for those who have long eyelashes already, but they are out of control. You will probably find that your lashes do not curl upwards but rather crowd around your eyes, blocking the view. The eyelash perm will take control of those lashes and get them to curl backwards, instantly opening up your eyes and giving your eyelashes a defined look.

Fall Into the Volume Eyelash Perm Kit

Here at Noble Lashes, we have put together the perfect eyelash perm set that you can use to easily perm your eyelashes at home. The eyelash perm kit is also perfect for your beauty and eyelash technicians who are looking to practice this procedure. In the kit, you will find the needed creams, coating liquid and fixing gel alongside silicone eye pads to put under your lashes. It comes with a really easy to follow instruction leaflet that shows you exactly what step to do and how long to do it for.

What does an eyelash lift kit do?

As with the name, the eyelash lift is all about lifting the eyelashes to give them the appearance of being longer. An eyelash lift kit will give you everything you need to apply the correct solutions to the base of your eyelashes to push them upwards. When done correctly, an eyelash lift set can be used to give the effect of wearing false lashes which is particularly good for those people who have short and straight eyelashes.

SN Lift Set

We know how popular eyelash lifting has become, so here at Noble Lashes, we decided to put together a handy eyelash lit kit that you can use on yourself or your beauty clients. It contains all the same high-quality, professional standard products that you would expect from Noble Lashes. Our in-house created eyelash lift set contains a perm lotion, nourishing lotion, setting lotion and keratin self-adhesive to allow you to perform all the needed steps as outlined in the instruction booklet we provide. Further to this, in our deluxe set, you also get our lash filler which can be used routinely after your eyelash lift to make the effects last longer. Overall, the eyelash lift set has everything you need to give you the look of wearing false lashes for up to 6 weeks! With the busy lives that we have, what could be better than that!

Is it safe to use an eyelash perm kit or eyelash lift kit myself?

It is really safe to use these kits by yourself at home. Just make sure you get out a timer when you are doing the procedure as the different stages are time-sensitive. If you do leave on one of the solutions too long, you will find the effect is not the same and it will weaken your eyelashes. Do not worry, if you are a bit nervous about doing it yourself, you can have your favourite eyelash technician perform the procedure. They are best placed to know how to do it correctly and they will still use your favourite Noble Lashes products to achieve the effect you are looking for!

Train your new eyelash technicians with an eyelash perm kit

If you are running an eyelash salon, you are certainly aware of how popular this procedure has become. As your salon grows, why not get an eyelash perm set for your new eyelash technicians to be able to practice this procedure. The kit has everything they need to learn how to create the perfect perm or lift on your clients. As always, you can rest assured that the kit contains the same top-quality products as all the Noble Lashes products. Once your eyelash technician is confident that they can perform the eyelash lift with ease, then you can reorder all of the products in the kit separately if needed so that you have everything you need to serve the growing number of clients asking for this procedure.


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