Eyelash perm and lift supplies


If you happen to run out of any of your eyelash perm supplies or eyelash lift supplies, Noble Lashes offers replacements that will allow you to skip buying an entire set of cosmetics just because one of the bottles has run empty. With these replacements, you can continue providing high-quality eyelash perm and lift treatments to your customers, giving them gorgeous eyelashes without the use of any extensions. Currently, we offer replacements for all of the substances featured in our eyelash lifting sets, along with additional silicone eye pads in a variety of sizes and lash lift combs useful during the treatment.

Eyelash lifting - for whom?

While eyelash extensions are definitely one of the most popular cosmetic treatments targetting the eyelashes, not every woman can enjoy having extensions. Eyelash extensions are safe to use by most women, but there are some health contraindications that prevent many women from getting them done. Eyelash lifting is a great alternative for such women, as it can be performed even if your client’s eyelashes are too short and fragile for eyelash extensions. Moreover, eyelash lifting can have additional benefits for such women, as it further strengthens and reinforces the structure of the eyelashes, making them more resilient.

Sometimes, eyelash extensions are just too heavy to be supported by the natural eyelashes, especially if a woman has short and thin lashes. In such cases, applying eyelash extensions is not the smartest idea, as it can not only be uncomfortable to wear by the client, but their weight might even cause health issues such as eyelash hair loss. Instead of putting their natural eyelashes at risk, clients with contraindications to extensions are recommended to try eyelash lifting instead, which can be performed without any of the risks that extensions come with.

How is eyelash lifting performed?

Eyelash lifting is actually a very easy to perform treatment. Even beginner stylists should have no problems with mastering the technique. The treatment is fully non-invasive and does not cause any damage to the eyelashes. During the procedure, the stylist holds the client’s eyelashes in place, using silicone eye pads and a simple brush. The eyelashes are placed in the desired position and glued to the silicone eye pads for the duration of the treatment. A special substance is then applied to the eyelashes, making them hold that position for weeks after the treatment. 

The substances used during eyelash lifting introduce numerous benefits to the natural lashes. The most important benefits for clients is the increased curl of the eyelashes, especially beneficial for women with naturally straight lashes. Eyelash lifting gives the lashes a visible curl while also making them look longer and full of volume. Additionally, the nutrients contained within the lifting substances work their way deep into the structure of the lashes, reinforcing them and making the lashes stronger. 

What is eyelash lamination?

Most usually, after a successful eyelash lifting treatment, a stylist additionally performs eyelash lamination. Lamination is done using a special conditioner with a high content of keratin. This conditioner further improves the structure of the eyelashes and prolongs the results of eyelash lifting. This is especially beneficial for women with thin and fragile natural eyelashes, as the keratin rebuilds their lashes and repairs microdamage in the hair’s structure. Moreover, the conditioner moisturizes the eyelashes and brings out their natural colour.

At Noble Lashes, you can find eyelash lamination products inside of the eyelash lifting sets. These products are used at the end of the treatment in order to make the effects of lifting stay longer and to further invigorate the natural eyelashes of your client. Eyelash lamination is the natural next step after eyelash lifting, making the eyelashes of your client appear healthy and giving them a glamorous appearance without the need for eyelash extensions. 

Who can receive eyelash lifting and lamination?

Eyelash lifting and lamination are one of the safest eyelash treatments commonly available on the market. However, there are still some health contraindications that you need to be aware of before recommending lash lifting to your clients. One of the most common contraindications for eyelash lifting and lamination is heavy eyelash hair loss and frequent eye infections. If your client faces such problems, recommend them to visit a doctor first. Women with cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye syndrome are also advised not to have their eyelashes lifted and laminated.

While all of the products sold by Noble Lashes have been clinically tested and are fully safe to use, stylists are advised to perform a skin test using the substances before the treatment. The likelihood of an allergic reaction happening is low, but for the safety of your clients, you should always perform it before the treatment. If your client is healthy and the skin test results are in check, they are ready for lifting and lamination. The effects of the treatment can stay visible for as long as 6 weeks when performed properly.

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