As microblading becomes more and more popular among the clients, more and more aspiring stylists decide to add the treatment to their repertoire. However, microblading is not an easy treatment to perform - you first require proper certification that confirms your knowledge and skills. After gaining enough practice and experience during a training course, a stylist can move on to real clients. In order to perform microblading, stylists will need a few tools and accessories, including microblading pens, pigments, as well as microblading needles.

Professional microblading needles from Noble Lashes

At our online store, you will find a wide variety of premium microblading needles. Our microblading needles are all packed with precision in sterile packaging. Thanks to our revolutionary disinfecting procedures, the stylists and the clients can be sure that the treatment will be 100% safe and sanitary. The microblading needles can also be used for other cosmetic treatments, such as eyebrow shading. The needles are single-use only and should be replaced after every use. 

Noble Lashes offers a variety of microblading needles. The needles are offered in sets of 5, 7, 12, and 14 pieces. In our offer, you will find the regular microblading blades, as well as Microblading Blades Flex, and Microblading Blades Gold. We also offer special needles designed specifically for shadowing, in a variety of types. If you need a large quantity of needles, our Microblading Blades Flex are offered in variations of 20 pieces per packaging. All of the needles are of the highest quality and sterile, ready to be used right out of the box.

What else do I need for microblading?

Apart from the microblading needles, a skilled stylist will need a set of supplies and tools to successfully perform microblading. The most important of these supplies are microblading pens, which are the basic tool for performing microblading. These pens are supplied with microblading needles or blades and are used to make small incisions on the skin of the client. Another important part of the microblading treatment is the pigment, which is inserted into these incisions.

The colour of the pigment depends on your client’s complexion and the colour of their natural eyebrows. At Noble Lashes, we offer a wide choice of available pigments in a variety of different shades. Currently, you will find the following shades of pigment in our offer: black, black-brown, dark brown, brown, light brown, dark ash brown, taupe, skin, and grey. In addition to these standard colours, we offer high-quality micro-pigments in colours such as red, hot pink, peach, orange, beige, bubblegum, white, and more.

How to properly choose pigments for microblading?

When preparing for a microblading treatment, choosing the right pigment is one of the most important steps of the entire procedure. The results will very heavily depend on the colour of the pigment chosen at the beginning. This colour should be matched to the complexion and natural hair colour of your client. Stylists gain knowledge and skills in matching colours during their training course. While most of the pigments are straight-forward and are used without any changes, some micro-pigments can be mixed together to create new, unusual colours for more demanding clients that desire something unique.

When working with most clients, the basic 9 colours of pigments should be enough. If you need some modifications, you can mix the dyes to create a darker or lighter shade. Do not experiment too much with the dyes, or the results may turn out to be unsatisfactory for the client. Generally, it is advised to stay to a colour that is a bit darker than the natural eyebrow colour of your client. This way, you can give them a natural-looking effect that still gives a large amount of highlight. 

Can microblading be performed by beginners?

Microblading is one of the more difficult treatments performed by stylists that target the eyebrows. In fact, you need to have proper certification in order to provide microblading treatments to your clients, as the treatment is considered to be invasive. The procedure requires a lot of precision and skill, and the stylist needs to constantly improve her knowledge to stay on top of the newest advancements and techniques. However, even certified professionals are recommended to keep training to keep their skills from rusting with time.

In order to practice microblading, we recommend using professional training supplies available at Noble Lashes. We offer a variety of practice supplies, such as microblading practice skin, 3D eyebrow practice pads, as well as full makeup training mannequin heads with exchangeable inserts. We also offer masks designed for training heads, which will allow your mannequins to stay clean. If you are just beginning your journey with microblading, we recommend our Microblading Starter Kit that features all of the cosmetics and tools required to provide quality microblading treatments to your clients.


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