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Mink Express Lashes

Product code: MINKKONTENER

Mink eyelashes are flexible and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes.

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Fast order fulfillment
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Product description

Natural softness and no-cruelty together

Eyelash extensions made from real mink fur have been very popular around the world, as their softness was thought to be previously unmatched. However, the material used in these eyelashes was very often criticised, as the way it was acquired was cruel to these lovely animals. Minks were very frequently kept in captivity, in very small cages, and ruthlessly slaughtered for their beautiful fur. However, as technology moved forward, we are now able to create perfect replicas of such lashes without putting animals at risk!

Here at Noble Lashes, we have created the perfect alternative to natural mink lashes - Mink Express Lashes. Their profile and look is very similar to those extensions made out of natural mink fur, but are made entirely out of synthetic materials, which do not exploit the poor animals. The effect achieved with our Mink Express Lashes is very subtle, and the lashes themselves are incredibly soft and lightweight, allowing you to create truly magnificent stylisations.

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Spread the message - use synthetic lashes!

We are proud to announce that Noble Lashes does not use any natural mink fur in its offer, as all of our lashes are produced from the highest quality synthetic materials. However, not all companies working in this industry have taken such measures and the exploitation of animals still continues. Help us spread awareness of this issue and introduce synthetic mink lashes in your offer today. Educate your clients about the dangers of natural mink lashes and allow them to join the good cause!

Many clients are sceptical towards synthetic eyelashes, often regarding them to be of lower quality than the ones made from natural mink fur. However, Noble Lashes has achieved revolutionary quality of synthetic mink fur replacements, allowing the lashes to be just as gorgeous and stylish as the natural ones. Our Mink Express Lashes are just as soft, light, and durable as natural lashes, providing a believable, unexaggerated effect.

Are there different variants available?

Of course! Noble Lashes offers three curl types to choose with our Mink Express Lashes - J(A), B, and C. The J curl, also known as the A curl, is the most natural-looking type of eyelash curl available on the market, providing length and volume while staying believable. The B curl is a perfect in-between type, combining a natural appearance and glam. The C curl is a bit curvier than the B curl, making it more suitable for special occasions, but still works perfectly when worn casually.

You can also choose from a variety of thickness levels, ranging from 0,05 all the way to 0,25 for maximum volume, with the choice a bit more narrow with J(A) curl due to its specific shape. Finally, you can customize the lengths of eyelashes you want inside of your palette, including the MIX palette, which utilizes a range of lengths for a universal palette - perfect for mobile beauticians, who visit many clients during the day and do not want to haul tons of boxes with them!

Number of Stripes 16
Curl J(A), B, C
Thickness 0,05; 0,07; 0,10; 0,12; 0,15; 0,20; 0,25
Lenghts 7-14mm, MIX1, MIX2, MIX3
Packaging Plastic
Material Synthetic


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