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Russian Volume Premium Lashes

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Fast order fulfillment
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Product description

Revolutionary quality - Russian Volume Premium Lashes

Noble Lashes is proud to introduce the newest addition to our collection of high-quality eyelash extensions - Russian Volume Premium Lashes. We have noticed overwhelmingly positive feedback after the introduction of our Russian Volume line of eyelashes, which is why we have developed this new variation. Russian Volume Premium Lashes utilize a couple of new additions to ensure the highest quality, such as an entirely new design and an improved glue formula.

Russian Volume Premium Lashes have been designed to give you - the stylist - the easiest and most comfortable application. With these lashes, creating your own fans has never been easier. The eyelashes are placed on handy strips with our newly-created improved glue formula, which makes them extremely easy to grab from the palette. The strips themselves are also white, instead of black, which further helps to separate them and combine into fans, and they utilize our Clean Peel technology, making your work quick and enjoyable.

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Better for the environment!

The newest line of Russian Volume Premium Lashes no longer uses plastic trays, which were non-biodegradable. Instead, we have opted for fully recyclable, elegant cardboard packaging that is fully biodegradable and much more environmentally-friendly than the previous palettes. We also highly encourage keeping the palette as a handy storage box for eyelashes, as its stylish design will add to the decor of your salon and further reduce the amount of waste produced.

The sustainability of the newest Russian Volume Premium Lashes is not their only benefit, however. The lashes have been designed to make fans for volume methods much easier, allowing you to combine a much higher number of them in one fan. With Russian Volume Premium Lashes, you will be able to make standard 2D to 5D fans, but also utilize the Mega Volume methods, which use as many as 16 lashes in just one fan, creating truly glamorous results!

Fully customizable!

As is customary with our eyelash extensions, you can easily customize your Russian Volume Premium Lashes palette with various types of curls and levels of thickness. Currently, you can choose from C, C+, and D curl types before adding the lashes to your cart. The C curl gives the lowest amount of lift, most closely resembling the look of natural eyelashes. The C+ adds a little flair, with a slightly more visible curve, combining a natural appearance with glamorous lift. Finally, the D curl offers the highest amount of lift, perfect for clients who want a stunning look.

Apart from the curl type, you can also specify the thickness of the eyelashes you prefer. Currently available levels of thickness for Russian Volume Premium Lashes are 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15 mm. Thicker lashes are recommended for fans of lesser numbers of lashes, such as 2D, as they will easily fill the spaces between the lashes. If you want to make fans out of larger numbers of eyelashes, creating a Mega Volume effect, we recommend using the lashes of lesser thickness.

Number of Stripes 12 (13 in MIX)
Curl C, C+, D
Thickness 0,05; 0,07; 0,10; 0,12; 0,15
Lenghts 6-15mm, MIX
Packaging Kraft paper
Material Synthetic
Clean-peel technology YES


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