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Volume Starter Kit Eyelashes Extension


This set was composed by our specialists specially for you.

96,15 €
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Product description

Beginnings made easy with starter kits

If you are preparing yourself to become a professional eyelash stylist, you need to practice first. Practice makes perfect, and to practice eyelash extension treatments you will require the proper supplies, and Noble Lashes has the perfect solution to that. We offer handy training kits, which include a variety of products meant to help you practice your craft, such as an artificial cosmetic head, special training eyelashes, along with tools and other necessary products.

However, if you already are experienced in skilled in the art of eyelash extensions, Noble Lashes offers an assortment of special starter kits, which feature everything that you might need to properly start your business. It is important to point out that these kits are excellent for starting your career. Aspiring stylists often feel confused at the sheer amount of products, supplies and cosmetics available on the market, many of which have low quality. With Noble Lashes’ Starter Kit, you can be sure of the highest quality of products you receive.

Products that are included in the set:

  • Russian Volume C+ 0,10 mix
  • Russian Volume C 0,07 mix
  • Russian Volume D 0,10 mix
  • Russian Volume D 0,07 mix
  • Vetus ESD 17 tweezer
  • Vetus OO-SA tweezer
  • EXPERT glue
  • VOLUME glue
  • Primer 
  • Cleaner
  • Remover 
  • Microbrush Applicator Pack
  • Gel Patches x10szt.
  • Microfoam tape
  • Mascara Wand x10
  • Shelf Lash Plate
  • Crystal Stone Eyelash Holder
  • 10 x Client Loyalty Tickets
  • 10 x Client Leaflet Information
  • 10 x Client Pre Treatment Questionnaires

(The set includes the products specified in the description, the photo is for illustration purposes only)

Volume Starter Kit - volume methods made easy

If you are already an established eyelash stylist but want to try something more daring, the Volume Starter Kit is the perfect product for you. The Volume Starter Kit includes everything you will need to begin doing eyelash extension treatments using volume methods of application, which make use of more than just one extension glued to a single natural eyelash of your client. Such methods provide even more volume and truly stunning results!

Volume Starter Kit contains four palettes of premium Russian Volume eyelashes - two type C and two type D. Each type is also featured in 0,10mm and 0,07mm of thickness, and all trays feature mixed lengths of lashes. Additionaly, the starter kit contains a Vetus OO SA and Vetus ESD17 tweezers, EXPERT Glue, VOLUME Glue, Primer White, Cleaner, Remover Cream, Microbrush applicators, 10 cps of gel patches, Microfoam Surgical Tape, 10 pcs of Mascara Wands, Shelf Lash Plate, Crystal Stone, as well as leaflets and tickets - 10 pcs each.

Professional eyelash cosmetics at Noble Lashes

While a starter kit allows you to quickly jump-start your business, you will eventually run out of the supplies, sooner or later. Noble Lashes offers everything you might need to re-supply your salon, from eyelash extensions to salon equipment. Our wide collection of eyelash extensions contains both lashes for volume methods of application, as well as more traditional 1:1 lashes, all available in a variety of curl types, lengths, and thickness levels.

Apart from eyelash extensions, Noble Lashes offers an arrangement of products meant to be used by professional eyelash stylists before, during, and after treatments. Such products include premium cleaners, removers, primers, as well as tools and accessories, such as tweezers, applicators, and eyelash adhesives. We also offer an array of salon equipment, including high-quality cosmetic lamps, cosmetic cases for storage, and disinfection supplies. 


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