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Dark Brown Lashes Mini

The Dark Brown Lashes Mini offer an alternative to traditional black eyelash extensions and will make your eyes look even more natural. Sometimes black eyelashes can look out of place or harsh on women with certain hair combinations, and sometimes a client does not want a dramatic and dark look, therefore a brown lash is a perfect alternative to offer your client. The beauty of these brown lashes is that they will blend smoothly with your client’s hair colour to give them a naturally effortless look and have them leaving your salon looking and feeling beautiful.

At Noble Lashes we believe that lashes should be as varied and diverse as your clientele, and we are determined to offer eyelashes for every person and occasion - these particular lashes come in a shade of dark brown. Brown lashes will perfectly mimic a natural lash, avoiding a jet black colour that can easily stand out. This will ensure they give your clients eyes a dark and dramatic uplift whilst maintaining a soft and natural appearance. It really is the best of both worlds.

Light and Versatile

For those who prefer to enhance rather than transform their look, a brown lash will seamlessly blend with your real lashes, adding length and volume whilst merging naturally with your client’s hair colours. Ideal for beautiful women who want lashes to match. 

We believe that lashes are for life, not just for special occasions, and the Dark Brown Lashes are ideal for everyday wear that will last for weeks to come!

Noble Lashes Brown Line are silky smooth with a gorgeous, natural profile. The regular Brown model is a lighter shade, but we do offer a range of shades to suit every client. This particular lash is a dark brown, a perfect shade to suggest to clients who are not used to the colour. These lashes are made with high-quality silk fibre, alongside some synthetic material causing them to be resistant to any type of bruising. Thanks to this, the lashes are feather-light, extremely comfortable to wear and will seamlessly blend into the real eyelashes of your client. 

There is no need to sacrifice beauty for practicality as these eyelashes will not feel at all heavy on the eyelids of your clients!

The eyelashes are held firmly on light strips. They are flexible whilst also being both light and firm which simplifies the application process for you and gives your client a seamless and relaxing experience. The lashes are easily removed from the packaging - remember to fully remove the lashes and properly separate the packaging when you are finished, as it is fully biodegradable and recyclable. Noble lashes are committed to being environmentally considerate.

Now For the Specifics

These dark brown lashes come in a palette of 12 rows, which is ideal for the technician looking to stock up a small number of supplies without wanting to spend more for a larger palette.

The shrewd technician will stock lashes to suit clients from every walk of life, and every client has different needs and wants. This is why we ensure that our lashes are customisable so that they can be personalised for as many different clients as possible.

Through our easy-to-use website, you can quickly choose what type of curl you need, alongside the thickness of the lash. You can also specify the number of specific lengths that you require, making your palette as customisable as your clientele. We make this as simple and easy to follow as possible, to allow a seamless experience whilst purchasing.

Noble Lashes Brown Line Minis are available in both C and D curl types.

C type lashes offer a slight curl, allowing the accentuate the natural look of the brown lashes. The delicate nature of these curls is more suitable for day-to-day compositions. However, if your client is looking for something more glamorous, the D curl is perfectly sophisticated. The D curl provides a lot more curvature to the eyelashes, making them more noticeable and allowing your client to stand out from the crowd.

The unique colourisations of these lashes will match both of these curls perfectly - the C curl will allow a natural woman to feel as soft and beautiful as the lashes themselves, whereas the D curl can add a little spice and drama to a glamorous woman with a stripped back look and a penchant to party and socialise.

Fully Customisable

These lashes are stocked in various thicknesses between 0.07mm - 0.20mm and come in various lengths between 6 and 12 of which you are able to select specifically the amounts of lashes in your palette. This allows you to fully customise specific palettes to your choosing, meaning you can stock up on when you’re running low or you can try out one or two new styles without the need to buy a whole new palette. Thanks to this you can personalise your approach for all of your clients.

Here at Noble Lashes, we are committed to using high-quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands in Poland and Europe and we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products.

Try our lashes today and give your clients the eyelashes they deserve!


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