Eyepatches silicone, non-woven, reducing eye shadows


Welcoming Noble Lashes eyepatches range, a luxurious and extensive range of eyepatches used to both protect your clients’ under-eye skin during treatment, and to add an additional layer of luxury and pampering to a session. Noble Lashes are always striving to ease the workload of the modern technician and to keep our reputation as industry titans in the lash and beauty world. We are confident that our eyepatch range lives up to this.

We have available: eye patches enriched with vitamin C, collagen, and vitamin K—these come with our Polish Premium stamp, a stamp of quality—eye patches enriched with aloe extract, silicon patches and several unadorned patches simply woven, a collection to cater to any budget and client.

Spoilt for Choice

We have a substantial choice of eyepatches on offer, from individually packaged pads in serums to multipacks and dry cloths. Noble Lashes understands that your client’s list will be diverse; people want different things from a technician, and it is your job to cater to them. Likewise, it is our job to cater to you, and to provide you with a wide range of versatile products that can please any one of your clients!

Some clients will want spoiling, expecting a level of luxury. This is the perfect job for our serum infused pads—most of which come stamped with the Polish Premium standard of polish made quality and excellence. You can treat your clients with a range of pads that provide nourishment and richness to their skin—with the peace of mind that you’re not breaking the bank. We put affordability high up on our lists of requirements, and even our products at this level of standard come with a nominal price tag.

Luxury Ingredients

Each pad will help protect the delicate skin of the under-eye during treatment, whilst also nourishing the under-eye skin in its own ways. Great care has been taken at every stage of the formulas of these serums and, while they may be small, they certainly pack a punch in terms of skincare.

Aloe is an incredible and diverse ingredient, hypoallergenic and intensely moisturising. The popularity of its use across the beauty and skincare industry speaks for itself! Aloe is soothing, cooling and anti-inflammatory, perfect for a client who has sunburned, dry, or irritated skin.

Collagen is a key factor in the makeup of skin cells and is the protein that keeps skin plump and healthy. It is widely used in the beauty industry to help keep skin supple and firm. A decrease in collagen production is one of the main reasons that skin begins to wrinkle and age, therefore the regenerative properties of these patches would be good for any client who is looking to nourish their skin.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that stimulates the natural production of collagen in the skin. These patches effectively remove signs of fatigue around the eyes, intensely moisturise and brighten the sensitive under-eye area, and they have a calming and relaxing influence on the client. Additionally, due to their unique recipe, the skin becomes fresher and radiant - what more could you want?

Vitamin K—included in the Eye Pads Reducing Eye Shadow sachet—removes dark spots and is well known in the industry as a powerhouse against stubborn circles under the eyes. It reduces redness, inflammation and swelling whilst having a healing effect on the skin. It is excellent at removing signs of fatigue around the eyes. Ideal for the overworked or worn-out clients that need some brightening and hydration.

Designed With You in Mind

Certain higher quality patches on offer are non-woven to avoid snagging on any of your tools during treatment. Some of these are also available in differing sizes, so you can always be sure to provide your clients with patches that fit.

Onto our simpler products in the range, whilst more on the ordinary side they are still a very necessary addition to the astute client’s toolkit. We offer budget-conscious woven pads which will cater to the more budget-friendly client/technician, a client that does not want additional treatment or someone who does not want a fuss. These are alongside reusable high-grade silicone pads and multipack standard eyepatches, for the technician who never wants to be caught short, you can make sure you always have some in the cupboard.

Quality for Technician and Client

We go to great lengths to ensure our high-quality formulas are packed with natural extracts and ingredients that not only nourish but pamper. This in turn elevates the quality of your treatment and your sessions with your clients, giving them extra levels of service that they may not be used to, and will leave them feeling happy and fulfilled once they have left.

Here at Noble Lashes, we are guided by using high-quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Poland and Europe and we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products. Some products in this range from the Polish Premium Quality series, a guarantee of quality.


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