Eyelashes are one of the most important features of every woman’s face, primarily due to their ability to highlight the eyes and the eye contour area. However, putting makeup and mascara on every single day and then having to wash it down before sleep is a chore many women hate. What’s more, many women are allergic to mascaras and can’t enjoy increased volume, length, and curl. A perfect solution for such women is eyelash extension treatment. Extensions can easily make any woman’s lashes look perfect and can be customized to exactly fit your client’s complexion and natural hair. 

The many types of eyelash extensions

At Noble Lashes, you will find a wide variety of eyelash extensions, dedicated to both professional and beginner stylists. In our collection, you will find eyelash extensions appropriate for both 1:1 extension method, as well as any volume methods of application. Apart from the type of extensions, you can further customize the length, thickness, shape, and even colour of the lashes. Our eyelash extensions are available in a wide range of curls, which you can utilize to treat clients of different natural eyelashes. With proper knowledge and quality supplies, you can make sure that your clients will leave your salon happy about the results.

What are 1:1 eyelash extensions?

The 1:1 eyelash extension technique is a classic method of applying eyelash extensions. It is also one of the most common techniques used by stylists all over the world, as the method is simple, comfortable, and quick to provide, allowing you to serve clients faster. In the 1:1 application method, a stylist uses a single extension for every one of the client’s natural eyelashes. This method effectively increases the length and thickness of your client’s eyelashes, while still retaining a natural look. The 1:1 extension technique is especially recommended for clients who look for a glamorous, yet believable look that they are going to wear on a daily basis.

Premium eyelash extensions from Noble Lashes

Noble Lashes is a designer, producer, and supplier of premium eyelash extensions. Our offer includes a wide variety of eyelash extensions, including a number of types and styles to give you a chance to show off your skills as a stylist. All of our extensions are made out of high-quality synthetic materials. Our researchers and engineers work hard every day to bring you the best of what’s available on the market. The extensions we provide are lightweight and glamorous, with choices available for traditional 1:1 application methods as well as volume methods.

What are L curl lashes?

For more demanding clients, we provide special eyelash extensions that have been designed to provide especially glamorous effects to clients with hooded eyelids and deep-set eyes. L lashes are also the perfect solution for older clients, whose eyelids began to droop. When applied by a professional stylist, L lash extensions have the potential to be one of the most visually rewarding eyelash extensions. We recommend L curl lashes for women looking for a truly glamorous effect, as these lashes provide a large amount of lift and increase in length. Noble Lashes offers a wide variety of L curl lashes, available in handy sets. The eyelashes within a set range in length between 8mm and 13 mm, as well as between 9 mm and 14 mm, depending on your choice. These are the most common lengths of extensions and will allow you to work with a variety of clients.

Synthetic or natural extensions?

More and more eyelash extension designers, including Noble Lashes, move away from using natural eyelash extensions. Natural extensions are often made with the use of mink fur. Collecting mink fur is not only costly, increasing the price of both the eyelash extensions and every treatment done using them, but also unethical. Minks are farmed around the world for their gorgeous fur, but the conditions they are held in are atrocious. The animals are often held in tight cages without exposure to the sun and the ability to run free. To gather the fur, minks are brutally slaughtered. Help us save these animals and their environment by switching to synthetic lashes!

The superior quality of synthetic lashes

Not only are synthetic eyelash extensions better for the environment, but they are also of higher quality. Modern technology and innovations in the beauty industry have allowed synthetic eyelashes to perfectly mimic their natural counterparts. Faux mink eyelashes are just as soft and shiny as natural ones but do not exploit the animals. They can also be used for volume methods of application. At Noble Lashes, you will find a variety of eyelash extensions which mimic real mink fur, including the Mink Express and Mink Smart lines which will meet the requirements of even the most demanding stylists and clients.

How to prepare your client for an eyelash extension treatment?

Even though most eyelash extension treatments are short when compared to other cosmetic procedures, you still need to make sure that your client is in a comfortable environment. The comfort of your client is very important, not only during the treatment itself, but also before it even begins. Before you treat your client, make sure to find out any health contraindications that might endanger the safety of your client. Some clients can be allergic to a specific type of eyelash adhesive, which you need to take into consideration when preparing for treatment. Moreover, you will need to use weaker cosmetics when working with clients with sensitive eyes and skin to avoid irritation.

Eyelash extension essentials

After interviewing your client and making sure that the treatment will not endanger their health, you can proceed with the preparations. First, remove any makeup from your clients face using a professional remover. This will not only make your client more comfortable, but also ensure satisfactory results during the treatment. The eyelashes themselves should also be cleaned thoroughly, and any previous eyelash extensions need to be removed before you begin. During the treatment, you will need your client’s eyelashes to stay in place - use a cosmetic tape for that. At Noble Lashes, you can find a wide variety of cosmetic tapes, both foam and silicon, as well as collagen-based and gel. 

More than just L curl eyelash extensions at Noble Lashes

At our online store, both beginner and professional stylists will find everything they need to operate a successful cosmetic salon. In our offer, we include a wide variety of eyelash extensions, including 1:1 extensions as well as those designed for volume methods of application, such as Russian Volume. We also provide an expansive collection of supplies, tools, and accessories for stylists, including remover, primers, and cleaners - necessities in any eyelash-related treatment. If you want to try something different than eyelash extensions, Noble Lashes also offers a range of eyelash tinting and lamination products, microblading products, along with salon equipment and many others!


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