Mascara wands

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We are introducing Noble Lashes Mascara Wands, an extensive range of wands used to prepare and protect your clients lash extensions during treatment, and to give your clients peace of mind that you are caring for their lashes prior application. Noble Lashes are always striving to ease the workload of the modern technician and to keep our reputation as industry titans in the lash and beauty world. We know that our range lives up to this.

Mascara wands are used by technicians to brush and straighten clients' natural lashes, both before and during the application, creating a perfect base for lash extension application. This creates the ideal conditions for treatment as a brushed base means the adhesive can be applied better by the technician.

Designed for Stylists

They are designed for the professional who demands the best in quality, sanitation, and performance. Precision-crafted to create the perfect finish, the lash combs fine teeth evenly separate lashes eliminating clumps and flakes. In addition, the brush head is extra-long for added ease of use and convenience for the technician.

The lash brushes come with fine bristles that are very flexible. Thanks to this, this tool will really facilitate the daily care of eyelashes - whether natural or extended. Noble Lashes website offers different types of mascara wands as well. You can find ones with regular bristles, and silicone wands.

We offer a huge and substantial range of mascara wands, from regular bristles, silicone, ECO and lash and brow combo brushes. Choose the best type that will match your and your client’s preferences. Our range of colours is equally as extensive and visually pleasing, whites, blacks, clears, pinks, multi colours. Anything and everything to fit in with your brand aesthetic or studio decor—you can even stock your frequent clients’ favourite colours! For the indecisive out there we have a mixed bunch of brushes.

Environmentally Conscious

Our mascara brushes are made from several different materials, from plastic to silicone and our ECO range. Our ECO range brushes have had as much plastic replaced as possible with bamboo wood. The bamboo handle that replaced the plastic ones not only looks and feels great when held in hand but also has a myriad of health properties. Most notable amongst them is its resistance to mould and bacteria. Bamboo wood is light and durable, which makes the use of ECO mascara wands comfortable and will give confidence to the user. Thanks to this you will be able to provide your clients with better quality treatment and much healthier eyelashes.

Our ECO range encompasses organic products from Noble Lashes. Amongst them, almost all-natural and vegan BIO cleaners and BIO foams that will help you nourish and cleanse your clients’ eyelashes and brows. It is a great way to prepare them for their treatments - better-prepared eyelashes will be able to hold the extensions for a longer period. The longer eyelash extensions stay fixed, the more satisfied your client will be and thus more likely to recommend your services to others and even come back.


We know that these brushes are a high turnover, most of them being one use per client, so therefore we have strived to bring you a high-quality brush at a very affordable price point. The brushes also come in multipacks, from 10 to 100, giving you further discounts to bulk buy. Our high range ECO brushes are priced the same as the normal plastics giving you the free range to choose without bias.

Customer Focused

Noble Lashes are always thinking of our customer, whether it’s improving the quality of our products or refining the supply and production chains to reduce the costs. Noble Lashes stocks and creates some of the best salon equipment on the market, we always think of our customers first and try to provide everything that the quality technician will need. Our customer care is high on our priority list.

The ergonomic designs of the wands, however small, bring massive gains to their function. In increasing the ease of your treatment sessions, the swiftness turn ups the quality of the result—improving your standing with your client. A good stylist will strive to go above and beyond for their client, increasing the likelihood that they will return as repeat customers and pass you more business via recommendations.

These wands are also good to provide your clients after treatment as a gift. They act as good lash aftercare kits, alongside providing a level of care for your eyelash extensions that your clients can do at home. These can be provided alongside certain other Noble Lash products such as eye pad sachets or lash conditioner pots to increase good relations with your clients.

Here at Noble Lashes, we are guided by using high-quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Poland and Europe and we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products. We know that these mascara wands will be an asset to your toolkit.


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