We are proud to welcome Noble Lashes range of medical tapes, a versatile selection of tapes to be used in eyelash extension adhesion and treatment preparation. They can be used to both protect your clients’ under-eye skin during treatment and to cover your clients lower lash line whilst treatment is being applied to other areas. Noble Lashes are always striving to ease the workload of the modern technician and to keep our reputation as industry titans in the lash and beauty world. We know that our medical tape range not only lives up to this but also encompasses some of our bestsellers.

Medical tapes are a staple in any stylist’s toolkit. They are used by technicians to tape across the lower lashes prior to treatment keeping them covered and flat. They also can increase the layers of protection for the under-eye skin, as they are applied on top of the eye pads. Stylists will sometimes use medical tape to shape the eye before treatment too, as per the client’s needs.

Broad Selection

We sell a selection of tapes that should be more than enough for both your and your client’s needs, including standard medical (micropore), perforated (transpore), silicone, microfoam and Nichiban. We have a few sets that come in larger sizes, both thicker rolls and wider width, to accommodate bulk buying for high turnover tapes.

Our Medical micropore tapes provide the strength and backbone of your taping needs. These are not gentle for good reason; they secure the lashes down and keep them down throughout treatment. Many clients like to use a smoother tape on tops of this, such as the Perforated Transpore or the Microfoam, to provide a much smoother surface compared to the rough tape. This lowers the chances of snagging any tools on the fibrous micropore whilst being easier to remove any spillages.

High Standard Materials

These tapes are a must-have multifunctional tool for eyelash extensions due to their versatility. Most of the tapes that we offer are hypoallergenic and are always skin safe. Medical tape is a strong tape, used to keep the bottom lashes from sticking to the top lashes by keeping them pressed to the skin and covered out of the way. Perforated tape is a plastic base, thin and gentle on the skin.

Microfoam tapes are elastic foam and provide a multi-directional stretch to accommodate swelling and promote comfort with your client. They are very conforming which makes them extremely versatile. They give a gentle and secure adhesion to any irregularly contoured sites. They are water-resistant and very delicate around the eye area. The standard medical tape (micropore) is a strong paper tape, and the perforated tape (transpore) is a transparent plastic tape. Silicone tape is a soft hypoallergenic, and Nichiban tape is a Japanese invention, made of flexible and breathable polyolefin film and moisture-permeable acrylic adhesive. The tape reacts to skin movements and adapts to them. It is very delicate and not irritating to the eye area.

Technician First

Noble Lashes are always thinking of our customer. We stock and create some of the best salon equipment on the market. We always think of our customers first and try to provide everything that the quality technician will need. Quality of customer care is high on our priority list at Noble Lashes.

The wide selection of medical tapes will bring massive gains to the standard of your treatment sessions—increasing the ease of which your treatment sessions go, which in turn ups the quality of the result improving your standing with your client. A good stylist will strive to go above and beyond for their client to increase the likelihood that they will return as repeat customers and pass you more business via recommendations.

These tapes can also be used to shape the client’s eye prior to treatment. This is a great way to provide extra options and services to your clients with minimal effort on your part. The tapes come with a crisp clean edge to get a clean straight finish from extensions or other treatments.

Kind to Wallet

Almost every client will require the use of tape somewhere during their treatment, on top of that tape is used for a myriad of reasons. So, we understand this is a product that you will be using a lot of. With that in mind, some of the products come in a larger role, providing more value for money whilst also stocking up high use supplies. A smart technician will ensure that they never run out of tape.

We have a high level of commitment to stylists and love supporting the community in their development - so want to ensure that we provide high-quality products to give you the best base for treatments. We have a reputation to uphold across Poland and Europe alike, and we like to ensure that we do so.

Here at Noble Lashes, we are guided by using high-quality materials and offering the best support to our clients. We are one of the most recognisable eyelash brands across Poland and Europe and we believe that our reviews and customer experiences speak for our products. We know that these medical tapes will be an asset to your toolkit.


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