Noble Lashes is home to an extensive and luxurious range of Russian lashes fit for any makeup look desired. We offer several different high-quality styles of Russian lashes so there’s a perfect match for everyone. This means there’s a style for those of you that love a natural but chic look and a style for those makeup lovers looking to add a ‘wow’ factor!

What are Russian lashes and how do they differ from classic lashes?

Russian lashes are similar to your regular fake lash in the sense that they’re a strip of synthetic eyelashes designed to enhance the length and fullness of your natural ones.

Like classic lashes, you are still able to personalise the length of Russian lashes depending on the style you want to go for. Shorter lashes will give a more natural finish but they still won’t be as natural as classic lashes due to the fact they add so much volume.

The predominant difference between the two is that Russian lashes are usually ultra-fine, meaning they’re extremely thin. Russian lashes are designed to be so fine because it means they’re able to apply more than one. Typically, they will be applied in a fan-like shape of 4 or 5. This design gives a more volumised and flawless finish than you might see with other lash extensions.

Russian lashes have exploded in popularity because they add a whole lot more drama to an otherwise basic eye look. If you’re after a bit more drama, these might be the lash extensions for you.

What are the benefits of Russian lashes?

As previously mentioned, Russian Lashes are perfect if you’re after a fuller and more glamorous style. And while they do give a more pronounced look, they also still manage to appear incredibly soft and fluffy at the same time.

Russian lashes extensions also give a more well-rounded look. You may have noticed that when applying classic lashes, you’re often left with some awkward gaps in places. This can make it starkly obvious that you’ve got fake lashes on and can make them less sturdy. Russian lashes are much better at filling in these awkward little gaps because there’s a lot more flexibility with them.

This style of lash has also been reported to cause less damage to the natural eyelash than classic synthetics can cause. This is because they are generally much more lightweight, as they are applied in different sections, and therefore don’t pull at your natural eyelashes too much.

Noble Lashes is also proud to say that our line of Russian volume lashes is incredibly sustainable. We have long since abandoned the plastic trays you’re used to seeing falsies displayed in and instead have opted for completely biodegradable packaging. This is because we think, as makeup lovers, it’s our duty to ensure we’re looking after the environment and looking good while doing it.

Our line of Russian lashes is also fully customisable meaning you can bring more of your own personality into them than you would with classics. Noble Lashes understands that each makeup lover values and needs different things so our range of Russian lash extensions are fully customisable when it comes to length, volume and curl.

You never have to fear about your Russian lashes coming loose and causing a mishap midway through the night either - they’re incredibly high quality and are designed to favour sturdiness just as much as they favour style. Generally speaking, Russian lashes are much stronger than regular lash extensions anyway because the way they are designed and applied gives them more grip.

Are Russian lashes easy to apply?

While you may be worried Russian lash extensions are difficult to apply because they’re not done in one simple sweep like classics, you have nothing to fear. They apply in the same simple motion as our regular false lashes do, you just have to do it in multiple actions instead of one.

Our new and improved glue formula also means that you don’t have to worry about them falling out of place once you’ve perfected the application. Once glued on, these lashes are designed to stay on all night no matter what you get up to!

What lashes do we offer?

We offer a wide selection of Russian Lashes that are easily customisable depending on your desired look. Noble Lashes understands that each makeup look calls for something different so we think you, as the artist, should be calling the shots on the look of your final lash.

This means we currently hold three different curl options - ‘C’ for those of you that are after something natural and want to mimic the natural curve of the lash, ‘C+’ for those of you after something a little bit more exciting and ‘D’ for those of you looking to make a big statement.

Our length and thickness of the lashes also come in a range of different styles too so have a look and decide what’s best for you!

Why should you opt for Noble Lashes ‘Russian lashes’?

We have years of experience in the cosmetic industry and base the design and production of our products on a wealth of expertise. We know just how annoying it can be to have a lash bail on you mid-way through the evening so we have designed ours to stick around all night.

Quality and design are just as important to us as style so we’ve designed our products to represent just that.

Speaking of style, Noble Lashes believes in making you your absolute best self. Our quality products are designed to give confidence to everyone, no matter if you’re a professional with years of experiences or a beginner just starting out.


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