One of the most important features of a woman’s appearance are her eyes. Eyes, in turn, are heavily impacted and highlighted by a woman’s eyelashes. Eyelashes can provide charm and enhance natural beauty, giving the eyes a gorgeous setting. However, not every woman is lucky enough to have long and curly eyelashes - in fact, most women find their own eyelashes lacking and use cosmetics and makeup to enhance them. There is a better way, and more convenient, than makeup - eyelash extensions! 

Long and beautiful lashes with eyelash extensions

With eyelash extensions, women can easily shape and colour their eyelashes exactly the way they want. With a set of premium extensions, a skilled and experienced stylist can create wonderful effects. Women with straight lashes can easily give their eyes a gorgeous look by using curled extensions that seamlessly blend in with the natural lashes. Similarly, women with short lashes can make their eyes pop out by using long eyelashes that will bring out their natural beauty.

To achieve the best results, an experienced stylist will need professional materials for her work. The eyelash extensions a stylist uses need to be of the highest quality to provide the best results to the clients. Noble Lashes provides affordable and highly professional supplies and tools for stylists and beauticians, including eyelash extensions. Our extensions are made from the highest quality synthetic materials which have been developed by skilful industry experts. 

Extreme volume with volume eyelashes

For women with thin natural eyelashes, extreme measures are often necessary to create glamorous effects. Volume eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for such women, as they effectively thicken the eyelashes and give the eyes an aggressive highlight. Volume eyelashes are also recommended for women who look for a beautiful makeover for a special event, such as a wedding reception, birthday party, or even a casual night with friends. Volume eyelashes are sure to provide gorgeous results, and your clients will be delighted with the amount of volume they add to their natural eyelashes.

One of our best-selling volume eyelashes is the Russian Volume eyelash extension line, which can create outstanding results whether your client’s natural eyelashes are long or short, curled or straight. Our company strives to make the work of a stylist easy and enjoyable, at the same time giving the clients exactly what they desire. Russian Volume extensions are created to last and give glamorous yet natural effects, all the while remaining easy and quick to apply. Premium materials and our state-of-the-art technologies and solutions allow our products to guarantee a stunning effect with a natural feel.

Help us save the environment - choose Eco Volume Lashes

As our environment faces more and more pressing issues such as pollution, increasing amounts of plastic wastes with no place to store them, as well as rising levels of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere every year, here at Noble Lashes, we strive to contribute to protecting our planet. It is now more important than ever to introduce green solutions that can lower the overall carbon footprint and waste production. One of our newest lines of eyelashes - Eco Volume Lashes - is an alternative to old-fashioned eyelash trays that have been traditionally packed in plastic boxes, made out of non-biodegradable materials.

The Eco Volume Lashes are all packed into environmentally-friendly boxes, made out of 100% biodegradable Kraft paper, which has been manufactured with durability and resilience in mind. The paper packaging effectively protects the eyelashes inside, as it is further reinforced with thicker sides that protect the lashes from any damage. The quality of the eyelash extensions themselves is also our primary concern, which is why we have spent time and resources to develop Eco Volume Lashes - a set of gorgeous, silky-smooth lashes with a deep black colour.

An alternative to mink fur - Mink Express Lashes

Throughout the history of eyelash extensions, one of the most sought-after materials to create lashes has been mink fur, due to its durable structure and soft texture. However, the beauty industry has been exploiting these adorable animals for their fur, keeping them in tight cages and destroying their natural habitats. To fight that trend, none of Noble Lashes’ eyelash extensions use mink fur. Instead, we have developed a perfect synthetic replacement that mimics the fur of a Siberian mink.

By using our Mink Express Lashes instead of real mink fur, you are helping protect minks around the world. Our synthetic replacement for mink fur is not only just as glamorous and soft as the real thing, but is also much more affordable and healthier for our environment. If you care for the environment, we wholeheartedly invite you to switch to artificial mink lashes and contribute to making our world a better place - your clients will definitely appreciate that!


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