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L Lashes 12 strips different lengths


Professional L Lashes from Noble Lashes. Check out our offer and choose the perfect model for you! 

10,69 €
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Fast order fulfillment
Fast order fulfillment
Express International delivery
Express International delivery
14 days for a return
14 days for a return

Product description

L Lashes - a glamorous, dramatic effect made with ease

Here at Noble Lashes, we want to introduce to you these absolutely stunning eyelash extensions, made to provide a Hollywood-like effect. The L Lashes have a sharp curl, rising harshly upwards. The final look resembles the letter “L” and is one of the most glamorous types of curls available on the market, giving your clients a dramatic effect which they desire. Stylisations made with L Lashes are perfect for wedding receptions, parties, and even dates!

L Lashes are the perfect solution for clients who struggle with hooded eyelids, which can make even more curly types of eyelashes look anticlimactic. In this case, a tighter twist is used, in combination with opening the eye. This allows us to achieve amazingly satisfying results! Moreover, the L Lashes provided by Noble Lashes are light as a feather and silky smooth, giving them a subtle shine and a fabulous texture.

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New packaging will be successively replaced.

Customize your L Lashes!

At Noble Lashes, you will find as much as three different types of the L Lashes, all with a different level of lift and curvature. The LC curl type provides a more natural look, perfect for clients with hooded eyelids who want something well-fitted to their eyes, providing a realistic effect while still retaining style and glamour. Its curvature is also smoother than the other types. The LD curl type is aimed towards clients who are looking for a dramatic, supermodel-like effect.  It provides the most lift, causing the end of the extensions to delicately curve back.

The standard L curl resembles the letter “L” the most with a sharp, upright turn. This creates an effect that is somewhere in-between the other two, retaining a noticeable look, but still remaining natural. When advising your clients on which type of curl to choose, make sure to always match the eyelash extensions with their natural eyelashes, as well as with the type of their eyelids, their hair colour, and other characteristics of their faces.

Easy to use palettes from Noble Lashes

To make your work as easy and enjoyable as possible, we have devoted time and care to make the packaging of our eyelash extensions as comfortable to use as possible. With the unique Clean Peel technology used in our handy palettes, you will be able to peel out the eyelashes without any marks being created in the process. In our trays, we use just the right amount of glue, allowing the eyelashes to stay firmly in their place until the moment you decide to use them!

Our palettes are also fully biodegradable and eco-friendly, made out of recyclable paper with a gorgeous gold plating on the surface to add elegance to the box. In each palette, you will find 12 strips of eyelashes with a mix of different lengths, allowing you to better choose the lashes to each client. Moreover, you can specify your desired thickness of the eyelash extensions, giving you further customisation abilities over our products.

Number of Stripes 12
Curl L, LC, LD
Thickness 0,5; 0,07; 0,10
Lenghts MIX(5-13), MIX(6-13), MIX(7-13)
Packaging Kraft paper
Material Synthetic
Clean-peel technology YES


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