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Primer 15 ml White

Product code: PRIMERWHITE

Primer – a base primer improving adhesion between the natural and false eyelash. As a result the eyelash is more durable.

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Product description

The Noble Lashes range spans the entirety of the eyelash treatment process, ensuring eyelash stylists are covered from the beginning to end of their treatments, we stock several products for preparation work, tools to assist during treatments and post treatment care. This Primer White is part of our preparation products, and is an eyelash primer, which is used before the adhesion of eyelash extensions to the natural lash. This product comes within a 15ml bottle.

Pre Treatment - To Increase The Adhesive Bonds 

Prior to any procedures, treatment areas need to be prepared thoroughly, this ensures a clean base to work from and also helps to elongate the time your extensions will last on the eye. The areas will need to be cleansed using one of the Noble Lashes cleaners in order to maximise the efficiency of the adhesive bonds and cause the glue to hold strong.

Just after cleaning comes priming. This is where eyelash primer is used to further prepare the clients natural lashes for eyelash extension application. Noble Lashes Primer White is a base primer that has been specially designed to remove any residual cosmetics and natural oils, further cleansing the lashes, and preparing them in order to increase the efficacy of the lash adhesive and allow maximum bonding of the extension to the lash.

As a result of using this Primer White the artificial eyelash extensions will be more durable on the eye, as the primer works to improve the adhesion between the natural and artificial lashes. This means that the adhesive will be maintained for even longer.


This Eyelash Primer can be used on both natural and extended lashes, as it has been specially designed to ensure that it does not affect the bonds of any existing lash extensions. Versatile and strong, this primer is ideal for both brand new lash applications and extension touch-ups. The use of this primer will ensure that the lash adhesive will bond faster, reducing the application times of the treatment.

This product is highly efficient, and should be used sparingly, as only a small amount is required to get the desired result. Primer White is an absolute necessity for any stylists who are looking to achieve a durable, effective, and enduring eyelash extension.

This product is intended for professional use only.

This Eyelash Primer should be used on each client before the application of eyelash extensions to ensure maximum adhesion of the eyelash glue, creating longer lasting lashes and further improving the quality of treatments.

Primer – a base primer improving adhesion between the natural and false eyelash. As a result the eyelash is more durable. The primer should be applied prior to eyelash application. It improves the adhesion of a single eyelash. As a result, the adhesive is maintained up to 10 weeks. An important advantage of the Primer is that it prevents lump formation. The product is highly efficient – you just need to use only a small amount of our product to get the desired result. The Primer is a necessary fluid for professional eyelash stylists who want to achieve a durable and effective eyelash extension. The product is intended for professional use only. Irritation (odour strength): 0 Consistency: Fluid Capacity: 15 ml

Packaging Bottle
Colour Transparent
Capacity 15ml


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