Discover Our Top Products of 2023

Discover Our Top Products of 2023

16 - 01 - 2024

The year 2023 brought us many exceptional moments, and today we want to share our bestsellers that have gained the highest acclaim among our customers.


Lashes: Our Flagship Product

Only high-quality lashes will allow you to perform professional extension treatments. Discover the gems that have won favor among both stylists and their clients.

  1. Wave Lashes: A revolution in the world of lashes! A synonym for delicacy and refinement. Perfect for those seeking a natural yet expressive look.
  2. Russian Volume: For the WOW effect lovers! Russian Volume is a proposal for those who desire spectacular thickening and accentuation of the gaze.
  3. L Lashes: The perfect choice for those seeking something new and unconventional in lash styling. Non-traditional twists allow for creating unique styles.


Adhesives: Strength and Durability

In our adhesive range, you will find products tailored to various needs. From the flagship Noble to the fast-drying Fast, everyone will find something for themselves.

  1. Noble: An absolute bestseller! An unbeatable adhesive that guarantees reliability and long-lasting effects.
  2. Fast: Speed and efficiency in one. Perfect for professionals.
  3. Sensitive: Exceptional formula ensuring comfort and gentleness.
  4. Green: Special-purpose adhesive - works in extremely high temperatures.
  5. Russian: With this adhesive, applying volume fans becomes a pure pleasure.


Accessories and Preparations: Essential in Every Salon

Discover our top products that will provide you with work comfort and excellent results.

  1. Care Kit: Foam Container + Pure Lash&Brow Shampoo: A perfect combination for daily care. The gentle yet effective shampoo is the perfect choice for daily lash and brow care. Its mild formula not only cleans thoroughly but also nourishes the hairs, ensuring a healthy appearance.
  2. Aloe Extract Eye patches: Indispensable in every treatment. Ultra-soft pads, enriched with aloe extract, provide a soothing and moisturizing effect.
  3. Medical Tape: Soft yet strongly adhesive, ideal for securing lower lashes during the treatment. Its gentleness ensures client comfort, and its strong adhesion provides precision for the stylist.
  4. Cream Remover: A safe and gentle way to remove lashes. Its creamy consistency allows for precise application without the risk of eye irritation.
  5. Bio lash cleansing foam: Natural, perfect for makeup removal. Its gentle formula is safe even for the most sensitive skin. Indispensable for professional use.


Brow Styling: Comprehensive Solutions for Beautiful and Expressive Brows

Brow styling has never been easier - discover products that will help you achieve the perfect shape and color for your brows.

  1. Professional Dyeing Thread: A professional tool for precise mapping. Allows for quick and accurate brow shaping.
  2. Noble Brow Powder Henna: Provides long-lasting and intense effects. Easy to apply and available in various shades, allowing for individual customization to the client's needs.
  3. Angled Eyebrow Brush: Essential for every brow stylist. This brush allows for precise application of henna and other brow products.
  4. Brow Lamination Set: Brow lamination is a trend that has taken over the beauty world. This kit allows for achieving thick, shiny, and perfectly arranged brows.
  5. Noble Brow Contiur White Paste: Ideal for precise contouring and defining brow shape. Easy to use, it allows for creating a perfect background for further stages of the treatment.


At Noble Lashes, we focus on innovation and the highest quality. Our products are the result of passion and extensive research, ensuring that every customer can enjoy a beautiful gaze. Thank you for your trust, and we invite you to continue exploring our range at


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