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Fall Into The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit


Perming your lashes frames the eyes, giving the appearance of bigger youthful looking eyes with longer, thicker lashes.

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Product description

Attention! The new version of the Fall in the Volume kit contains Strong Fixer glue with an improved formula and Cream # 1 I Cream # 2 preparations with an accelerated action time - before performing the procedure, please read the instructions carefully. Black Coating has been removed from the kit.

Eyelash lift is a procedure that lifts and curls the hair. It is an alternative to eyelash extensions and a proposition for every woman who wants to look beautiful. Noble Lashes offers FALL IN THE VOLUME - a complete set for eyelash lifting and lamination. The product is intended for both beginner and intermediate stylists. It is very popular and has been one of our TOP10 bestsellers for years. The Fall in the Volume set has a very gentle, non-invasive action that allows for semi-permanent curling of natural eyelashes.

What will you find in the FALL IN THE VOLUME set?

The kit includes:

  • Cream # 1 - a preparation that gives the eyelashes the right twist, softens and curls the eyelashes,
  • Cream # 2 - a preparation that supports the lash curl and is responsible for their fixation,
  • Pure Essence - a moisturizing nourishing preparation that protects the eyelashes after the treatment,
  • Strong Fixer - glue for attaching the silicone flap to the eyelid and eyelashes to the flap,
  • Keratin Boost - preparation with keratin nourishing eyelashes,
  • Silicone eye pads of various sizes,
  • An elegant and practical box.

Step-by-step eyelash lifting and lamination treatment:

  1. Place an eye pad under your eye and cover the lower lashes with it
  2. Wash eyelashes - use Eyelash Cleaner
  3. Apply Strong Fixer to the back of the silicone pad, which you will find in the set
  4. Place a silicone pad on the eyelid close to the base of the lash
  5. Apply the eyelashes to the silicone pad using Strong Fixer
  6. Apply Cream # 1 on the lashes
  7. Remove Cream # 1 from your lashes with a velor applicator
  8. Apply Cream # 2 on the eyelashes
  9. Remove Cream # 2 from the lashes with the velor applicator and apply Pure Essence evenly to the lashes
  10. Gently lift the eyelashes away from the silicone pad and remove the pad by inserting a wet cotton stick or velor applicator between the pad and the skin
  11. Apply a thick layer of Keratin Boost to the eyelashes. A conditioner with keratin will support the growth of eyelashes. Be careful not to get the product into your eyes. 

Original product with a hologram. The product is available only at Noble Lashes.

Products should be removed without using water, e.g. with a velor applicator.


Fall In The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit

One of the most popular eyelash treatments is eyelash lifting, often called eyelash perm because of its similarity to the classing hairstyle. Eyelash lifting is great for women who find eyelash extensions too uncomfortable, or whose eyelashes simply don’t match well with eyelash extensions. Eyelash lifting is a safe and simple procedure that every woman can benefit from, giving the eyelashes a noticeable curve and improving their condition.

During eyelash lifting, the eyelashes are covered in a special substance that keeps the eyelashes in the desired position. The method of application is fully non-invasive and done using a simple wand and silicone pads. The silicone pads are placed on the client’s eyelids, and, using one of the substances, the stylist places the eyelashes on the silicone pad one by one. Women of all eyelash types can benefit from an eyelash lifting treatment, but the effects are the most visible on women with straight eyelashes, who usually apply mascara to curl them.

Eyelash lifting made easy with Fall In The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit

Produced by Noble Lashes, Fall In The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit is a professional solution for stylists and beauticians who are looking to get into eyelash lifting. The kit contains all of the necessary supplies required to provide eyelash lifting to clients. Using the Fall In The Volume set, you will be able to provide your clients with gorgeous makeovers, easily framing their eyes and making their eyes pop out with long eyelashes full of volume. Eyelash lifting makes for a great replacement for traditional eyelash extensions when applied by a professional stylist.

The Fall In The Volume Eyelash Perm Kit by Noble Lashes contains two different types of cream, Strong Fixer, and a Pure Essence substance. In addition to these supplies, the kit contains another special coating and a keratin conditioner that laminates the eyelashes after the initial treatment, preserving the effects of eyelash lifting and gently nourishing the eyelashes. In addition to gorgeous results, eyelash lifting can improve the structure of the eyelashes, making them more durable and giving them a healthy look.

Premium eyelash lifting supplies and more by Noble Lashes

At Noble Lashes, you will find a wide variety of tools, accessories, and supplies designed and manufactured with professional stylists and beauticians in mind. We offer a large variety of supplies used during eyelash lifting treatments, including different types of kits. On our website, you will also find a choice of premium eyelash extensions, eyelash care cosmetics, and various tools such as tweezers.


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